May we never forget those that made the ultimate sacrifice...

Department of Public Safety
Fallen Officer Memorial

We encourage you to stop and take a moment to look at the statue, walk around the base and take note of the artist’s work, handcrafting and the tribute to our officers, and also the memorial walls that show honor and love to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“To Officers Past – A Tribute”
“To Officers Present – A Reminder”
“To Officers Yet to Come –  A Legacy”

The amazing story behind the memorial

The DPS Officer Monument Statue and Memorial walls would never have been a reality today except for the unrelenting dedication of the committee members, AZTroopers and monetary supporters. The association funded “seed” money in the amount of $3,000 to begin work on this tribute to officers past and present. The amount needed for the statue and base for the statute was $100,000. AZTroopers gave the committee the first $3,000 to get started.

To find out how the memorial was designed and created click button below.


Please help us with maintenance and upkeep of the memorial

The DPS Officer/Trooper Memorial Statue and Memorial walls are maintained by the association each year. We accept donations in order to help us proudly represent the fallen here at DPS and give both the families and employees a place to show their respect.

You may click on each fallen officer’s image below to access more details about them.

Officer Louis O. Cochran

EOW: December 22nd, 1958

Officer Paul E. Marston

BADGE #138
EOW: June 9th, 1969

Officer Gilbert A. Duthie

BADGE #143
EOW: September 5th, 1970

Officer James L. Keeton

BADGE #310
EOW: February 5th, 1971

Officer Don A. Beckstead

BADGE #409
EOW: February 7th, 1971

Officer Alan H. Hansen

BADGE #204
EOW: July 19th, 1973

Officer Gregory A. Diley

BADGE #1442
EOW: December 2nd, 1977

Officer Noah Merrill

BADGE #695
EOW: December 11th, 1978

Officer John C. Walker

BADGE #150
EOW: November 30th, 1979

Officer William H. Murie

BADGE #721
EOW: November 19th, 1980

Officer Thomas P. McNeff

BADGE #1758
EOW: October 2nd, 1983

Paramedic Richard G. Stratman

BADGE #1622
EOW: October 2nd, 1983

Officer Bruce A. Petersen

BADGE #3536
EOW: October 20th, 1987

Officer Edward A. Rebel

BADGE #233
EOW: June 28th, 1988

Officer Johnny E. Garcia

BADGE #3572
EOW: October 14th, 1989

Officer David G. Gabrielli

BADGE #1231
EOW: August 31st, 1990

Sergeant John M. Blaser

BADGE #2916
EOW: August 31st, 1990

Sergeant Manuel H. Tapia

BADGE #1409
EOW: January 8th, 1991

Sergeant David J. Zesiger

BADGE #1848
EOW: July 3rd, 1992

Reserve Sgt. Mark M. Dryer

BADGE #9764
EOW: July 3rd, 1993

Sergeant Michael. L. Crowe

BADGE #2729
EOW: July 5th, 1995

Officer Robert K. Martin

BADGE #474
EOW: August 15th, 1995

Motor Officer Doug E. Knutson

BADGE #3818
EOW: January 2nd, 1998

Officer Juan N. Cruz

BADGE #3111
EOW: December 9th, 1998

Officer Floyd J. Fink, Jr.

BADGE #940
EOW: February 18th, 2000

Officer Brett C. Buckmister

BADGE #5548
EOW: March 21st, 2000

Officer/Paramedic Bruce W. Harrolle

BADGE #5669
EOW: October 13th, 2008

Officer Christopher R. Marano

BADGE #6759
EOW: December 17th, 2009

Officer Timothy A. Huffman

BADGE #5430
EOW: May 6th, 2013

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