DPS EMployees

DPS Employees

Any employee, sworn or civilian, of the Arizona Department of Public Safety is eligible to become an employee member of the association. 

-Supporting the employees of the Arizona Department of Public Safety since 1958

Legal Protections
Insurance Solutions
Hardships & Scholarhips

Arizona State Troopers Association,
supporting our members …

We are a 501(c)(5) non-profit public service organization whose mission is to represent the collective interest of our members in matters involving compensation, benefits, and retirement security.

Which membership is right for you?

If you’re a current/retired or reserve DPS (Arizona Department of Public Safety) Employee and you’d like to become a member of the only association directly responsible for Arizona State Troopers and DPS, then start by choosing which membership applies to you and join now!


$20/Month (Payroll Deduction)
  • Eligibility – Full time non-sworn employee of the Department of Public Safety
  • May vote on issues
  • Can not hold any elected office
  • May not chair a committee
  • All benefits, except criminal legal coverage (available as an add-on option)
  • $22.50/month on auto-pay


$120/Year (Auto-Pay)
  • Eligibility – Retired employee of the Department of Public Safety
  • May vote on issues
  • Can not hold any elected office
  • May not chair a committee
  • All benefits, except criminal legal coverage (available as an add-on option)

Member Benefits

As an active member in good standing with the association, the following benefits are readily available…

Colleen Girard

Colleen Girard

Member Services

I'm here to help...

I am the Executive Secretary for AZTroopers. I can answer any of your questions quickly if you’d prefer to speak with a real person.

You can email me using the button below or call me at 888.291.6551 x411.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Survivor Benefits


You can indicate who should receive your member survivor benefit in the event of your death. This benefit is null and void if no beneficiary is assigned. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure this information is correct and updated in a timely manner. We cannot accept a child under the age of 18 or a family trust as the beneficiary for this member benefit. If no percentages are indicated, the benefit will be divided equally among other beneficiaries of the same class. If any beneficiary predeceases the member, that beneficiary’s share will be divided equally among the other surviving beneficiaries of the same class. If no beneficiary survives the member, funds will transfer back to the association.

Sworn Members

$20,000.00 to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Civilian Members

$20,000.00 to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Retired Members

$10,000.00 to your beneficiaries in the event of your death up to age 70 and $2,000.00 there after.

Verizon Cellular Service

Because of our relationship with Verizon Wireless, AZTroopers members are able to take advantage of plans offered exclusively to our association (usually 22% cheaper than a normal personal plan)

Click Here to view the latest equipment and pricing.

Verizon has brought back the old Unlimited Data plans for all lines on our account. Our accounts qualify for the following:

  • Unlimited data for smartphones and jetpacks (VZW may reduce your data throughout speeds when connected to a congested cell site. The reduction can last for the remainder of the current bill cycle and the immediately following bill cycle to ensure high quality network performance for others at locations and times of peak demand)
  • Monthly and Quarterly equipment promotions
  • 25% discount on accessories
  • Upgrade eligibility every 10 months
  • 1 year contract
  • No activation fees
  • Free shipping

*Due to the nature of changes on our account, please remember that users cannot purchase or receive service in retail store locations or customer service center.

What does this mean for me?

I upgraded in October last year to avoid losing unlimited data and have not upgraded since.
Your unlimited data will remain and you will still be eligible at the 10 month increment.

I have upgraded since October and opted to change my plan to avoid paying full retail.
We can bring you back to Unlimited data if you would like, or you can stay on the unlimited minutes plan.

I want to add the Unlimited Hotspot Feature to my line.
We can add Unlimited hotspot feature for an additional $10.00 per line on most Government plans.

All Plans include free nights (9:00pm-6:00am) and weekends (Friday 9:00 pm-Monday 6:00 am) and free Verizon to Verizon calls.

Smart Phone Plans: Non Share Plan

Unlimited Data Non Share Plan
400 Minutes, unlimited Data/Text: $61.53/ $47.99 (74510)
600 Minutes, unlimited Data/Text: $78.19/ $60.99 (74512)
1000 Minutes, unlimited Data/Text $93.58/ $72.99 (74514)
Smart phone plans include 10 friends and family PER ACCOUNT

Basic Phone Plans: Non Share Plan

400 Minutes: $35.88/ $27.98 (74538)
600 Minutes: $52.56/ $40.99 (74540)
1000 Minutes: $67.94/ $52.99 (74542)
Unlimited text: $12.00 (additional charge) (75439)

Jet Pack, Tablet Mifi 39.99 (84357)

NEW unlimited plan for SmartPhones now available:

PPID 13656
$65.00 – $50.70 after 22% ValuePoint Discount with tax and surcharge $55.40
Unlimited voice, data and messaging and Includes HotSpot
After 10 GB of on device use during a billing cycle we may limit speeds while connected to a congested tower
After 10 GB of hotspot use we will limit speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle.

For more specific questions and plan details please reach out to our membership director Colleen Girard via email or phone (contact info at left).

Dependant Scholarships


Does your son or daughter need money for college?

AZTroopers awards THOUSANDS of dollars in scholarships each year!

Simply read through the eligibility requirements on the next tab and you can fill out the application online. You can attach/upload all of the necessary documents with your application.

Once complete you will be notified that your application was received and entered into the application process. Pleas follow all instructions carefully and supply all necessary documents for your application to be successfully submitted to the committee.



  1. Applicants must be the dependent son or daughter of an active officer, civilian, retired or deceased member of the Arizona State Troopers Association. Member must have five (5) years in the Arizona State Troopers Association for dependent to qualify for the scholarship*.
  2. Applicants must be under the age of 24 and at least a high school senior at time of application.
  3. Selection for scholarship will be made by the Association Scholarship Committee based upon the following criteria:
  4. Grade point average, must be minimum of 3.0 GPA
  5. Resume/Community leadership
  6. Letters of recommendation
  7. Enrollment as a full-time student as defined by attending college/university
  8. Is or will be an undergraduate
  9. The amount of the scholarship will be $1,000 per semester but no more than $2,000 per year.
  10. Applicants must plan on earning their undergraduate degree within four (4) years.
  11. Applications must be received no later than March 15 to be accepted for the following school year.
  12. Scholarship selections will be announced no later than the May Arizona State Troopers Association
  13. The Arizona State Troopers Association will award a minimum of six (6) scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded for attendance at any accredited college or university in the United States.   Additional scholarships may be provided through the Association or private donations.

* Minimum years waived if member death occurs before 5 years of membership.


Required Attachments: (copies are acceptable – submitted information cannot be returned)

  • Resume, to include but is not limited to:  work history, community service, hobbies & other interests
  • Two (2) signed letters of recommendation from persons other than a relative – must know the applicant for more than 2 years.
  • Applicant’s most recent high school transcript or a copy of their GED
  • Transcripts from all college courses attended
  • Personal essay prepared by the applicant to include but is not limited to information on family, career goal and plan to achieve career goal, interests, community service and why the applicant deserves the Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA) Scholarship.   Essay to be least 300, but not more than 1,000 words.

Acknowledgment and Signature:

  • I certify that the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge
  • I hereby give consent to the AHPA, its agents, employees, or designees to verify the contents of this application with any individual, government, educational institution or other entity.
  • I understand that the AHPA may request additional information and/or request me to appear for an interview to determine my suitability for an award
  • I agree to share and allow the release and publication of my name, photo and likeness, GPA and application information when necessary, and give my permission for the AHPA to share this information for the purpose of recruitment or public relations
  • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to keep the AHPA informed of any address or contact information changes
  • I understand that all application material becomes the property of the AHPA and cannot be returned
  • I certify that I have read this application and I accept all the conditions herein

Applications are accepted January 1st through March 15th each year.

Cabin Rentals







This rustic cabin located near the Sitgreaves National Forest has two bedrooms, with double beds, plus a hide-a-bed and a full bath. You can enjoy a cozy fireplace, firewood provided, and an outdoor grill for those great summer BBQ’s.

Although the cabin is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee maker, pots, pans, dishes, and utensils, you will need to bring a few items with you, such as:

  • Linens – sheets, blankets, pillows and towels
  • Toiletries – soap, toilet paper, dish soap, trash bags, etc.
  • Food & beverages

Your stay and quality time with family and friends won’t be interrupted by noisy televisions or ringing phones.

The cabin sits at an elevation of 7,800 ft.


20 Year Custom Rings


Black Stones

Upon completing your 20th year of membership with the association, each member is entitled to a 20 year ring free of charge. Upgrades vary in price and can be configured below.

*20 years in the retirement system and the last 15 years as a member of AZTroopers (Be sure to read eligibility requirements below).

1) Department of Public Safety Officer (Trooper) or Civilian.
2) Twenty years in the PSPRS (sworn), ASRS or CORP (civilian) Retirement System.
3) Minimum of the last 15 years of continuous membership in association before the 20th year in your retirement system.
4) Your ring will not be ordered without a copy of your most current annual retirement contribution statement. It can be uploaded with this order.
5) Rings are presented to members at the monthly association meeting.

Each 20 year ring is custom made by a jeweler to the association’s specification. You can upgrade and customize the ring with different available options including, gold type (white or yellow), gold quality (10k or 14k), stone type (black, matrix or non-matrix), ring size (ranging from 1 – 20 in half size increments), left or right hand worn, and adding a cubic zirconia or diamond to the main panel. Prices are available during configuration above and change with gold prices. The default configuration for both men and women are free and price increases based on upgrades. Once your order is placed and paid for, we check it for accuracy and send it off to the jeweler for custom fabrication. You will be notified when it is complete and the association can present you with your ring at one of our board meetings for an official recognition of your support. Usual lead time on rings is : 10-12 weeks If you have specific questions about the rings you’d like to have answered you can reach us at

Arizona Trooper Magazine


 The Arizona State Troopers Association (AZTroopers) has been publishing a quarterly magazine for over 30 years now. The magazine has 3 issues each year and is distributed to troopers, civilian employees, retirees, dignitaries, legislators, and advertisers statewide. We send out over 2,500 copies of the magazine with each issue.

Your advertising not only promotes your business as a AZTroopers supporter, but also helps to fund many worthy charities including the 100 Club, Special Olympics, our Christmas Bears Program for children, Explorers programs, student scholarships, trooper death and disability, as well as the support thru the years of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a subscriber to our magazine, then the best way to do it is to become an associate member of our organization. As an associate member, there are many benefits and just one is receiving our magazine each quarter. Associate memberships are open to any member of the public and allow you to take part in member activities and make use of members only benefits.


Click Here to view our online Magazine…

Dale Norris

Dale Norris

Attorney at Law

517 W Monte Vista Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
(602) 307-5627

Employment Legal Coverage

One of the most important elements of your membership is the one we hope you will never need to use: Legal Coverage. The AZTrooper Legal Plan thoroughly covers its members with a complete representation program. Our Legal Plan provides you with 100% coverage for Administrative issues. There are no extra costs or charges for this benefit. Through our Legal Plan, members are guaranteed to have an attorney available when they need one, 24 hours a day. You are also guaranteed INDIVIDUAL representation.

Labor protection comes from the law firm of Dale Norris, PC. Dale Norris has been representing police officers and public employees for years and is an experienced public sector labor lawyer and attorney in family, criminal and workman’s compensation. Dale is also very knowledgeable on DPS policies and LEMSC Rules.

*Dale Norris has been representing police officers and public employees for years and is an experienced public sector labor lawyer and attorney in family, criminal and workman’s compensation.



Legal Defense Fund

P.O. Box 693130
Stockton, CA 95269-3130

Criminal/Civil Legal Coverage

CLICK HERE to view/download the April 2017 Plan Document

Criminal/Civil defense coverage is provided through the PORAC Legal Defense Fund (LDF). The LDF was established over 25 years ago to provide legal representation for officers facing criminal or civil actions arising from acts or omissions occurring within the scope of their employment. In 1997, the Arizona Police Association secured the services of the LDF to protect its members through the services of a panel of criminal and civil defense specialists. The Legal Defense Fund has access to cash reserves in excess of $10 million specifically for legal protection of individual officers with no caps on benefits. Whatever a covered incident costs will be paid by the fund. In addition, the LDF has a time-proven record of excellence in providing legal defense and it is managed by peace officers for peace officers.

There are several advantages to having a tiered approach to your legal coverage:

  • Having more than one attorney or law firm at your service
  • Guaranteed not to have a conflict of interest in cases involving more than one officer
  • Guaranteed to have an attorney available when you need one
  • Guaranteed INDIVIDUAL representation
  • Guaranteed 100% coverage for any case relating to the scope of employment
  • Discounted attorney representation for criminal or civil matters not related to the scope of employment.

California Casualty

California Casualty

Quote(s): 866.763.6285
Claims: 800.841.4736
P.O. Box 39700
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9700

Auto/RV and Home Owner's Insurance

Insurance Coverage Designed for Peace Officers

Law Enforcement Officers, Police Officers, and State Troopers

You put your life on the line every day to ensure everyone’s safety and we appreciate all you do for our communities. To show our support and admiration, we have designed our auto and home insurance policies with your specific needs in mind.

Auto insurance for Police Officers


Does a four-legged buddy ride with you when you’re off-duty? Your pet has coverage under our auto insurance.



We offer many insurance options


From motorcycle insurance to pet insurance, we’ve got you covered with benefits to fit your needs.




Go Paperless with California Casaualty


Spend less time filing papers and more time doing what makes you happy with our paperless program.


We Know Peace Officers

California Casualty is the preferred auto & home insurance provider for peace officers, law enforcement, and state troopers.

From the highest quality of service to exclusive benefits and special rates, we deliver on our promise to protect you and your loved ones at a reasonable price.



Special Benefits for Peace Officers


As a peace officer, you may have purchased your uniforms and off-duty weapons. A major benefit of being a California Casualty homeowners insurance customer is that we will provide coverage for these items if they are stolen. You have the flexibility of increasing this coverage for your fire arms depending on your needs.

At no additional cost, our auto insurance will cover custom furnishings of your pickup truck or van. We also include $500 of coverage for non-electronic personal property if stolen from your vehicle or damaged in an accident.


We offer many discountsFallen Hero Benefit

If the unspeakable happens and you lose your life in the line of duty, this benefit would assist your family with paying the auto and home insurance premiums.


Protect your identity with Identity TheftIdentity Theft

All California Casualty customers receive free ID Theft coverage. A personal fraud specialist will guide you through the entire process to resolve the situation.


Ready to get a quote?

Get a quote online or speak with a trusted representative by calling 1.866.680.5143.

National Police Credit Union

National Police Credit Union

4500 S Lakeshore Dr #341
Tempe, AZ 85282
A full service financial institution exclusively for law enforcement

National Police Credit Union is a marketing division of the 80-year old Chicago
Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union, which is a full-service financial institution led by a
volunteer Board of Directors made up entirely of active and/or retired police officers.
We have been serving the financial needs of police officers for over eight decades, since

Our products are tailored for Law Enforcement Officers.

Our full-service financial institution offers multiple products, services, and educational
programs, including:

• Killed In The Line of Duty Loan Insurance (Coming Soon)
• Multiple VISA Credit Cards with cash back and reward options
• Loans ranging from new and used Auto and Motorcycle loans to Signature, Student, Tuition,               Uniform, and Share Secured loans
• Checking, savings, IRA, and money market accounts
• Retirement planning
• Free financial counseling
• Mortgage services
• Business loans

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and ease of use for all of
our products and services.

• Over 5,600 shared branch locations nationwide, 135 locations in Arizona
• 80,000+ surcharge-free ATM locations nationwide, 953 locations in Arizona
• Home banking with electronic bill payment
• Mobile banking
• Payment services
• Remote Deposit Capture available for Premium Checking Accounts.

View/Download our brochure here…

Sanderson Ford

Sanderson Ford

AZTroopers Auto Purchase Program

Sanderson Ford is proud to announce our…

AZTroopers Auto Purchase Program

Invoice Pricing Less any current
Rebates, 2 Years of Oil Changes On Gas Engines Only, No Charge Window Tint and Pre-Owned Vehicles

This is our way of showing you our appreciation for the sacrifices that association members and their families make on our behalf.

Thank you for your service to your community.

*Please bring your association card for proof of membership upon arrival.
Please contact Louie Boria
Executive Sales Consultant
Cell 808.277.5313

Ammo Incorporated

Ammo Incorporated

Ammo Inc Discount Purchasing Program

Members receive a 20% discount
on all products purchased through the special AZTROOPERS Shopping Portal

    Starting at the very top from our team to our processes – AMMO, Inc. leads in design, performance, quality and manufacturing.
    AMMO, Inc. is a high-quality, technology-driven ammunition U.S.-based company; from our patented STREAK (R), HyperClean, and military ammunition technologies, to the latest and best manufacturing technology in the industry.  Our manufacturing facilities and processes meet or exceed all SAAMI and MilSpec specifications.
    To maintain the strength of our brands and drive strong revenue growth, we continue to invest in innovation and superior technology to improve product performance, quality and affordability while providing outstanding support to our retail partners and consumers.
    We pride ourselves in our strong American heritage.  We use the best American-made components and manufacture our products in the United States.  Each round is designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged to bring a superior shooting experience to our end user.
    Every AMMO, Inc. round is meticulously inspected by U.S. citizens. As a company, we are focused on creating jobs for Americans.  The ammunition we build performs like high-end custom, hand-loaded ammunition, but is sold at extremely competitive prices.
    Our superior AMMO, Inc. development team determines the optimum balance of velocity, accuracy, and recoil for each load.  Rather than just push “hot loads” that travel faster, but generally at the expense of accuracy and hand comfort, our load specific development team carefully analyzes every load and ballisticians work toward a specific outcome.
    Safety, consistency, and precision are of paramount importance in our manufacturing processes.  Every round is chamber-gauged and hand inspected with redundant quality control checks.  We ensure every round of our ammunition has been meticulously inspected and delivers the quality and performance that is expected from our brands.
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