Since 1981

40 years of Bass fishing greatness.

April 8th & 9th, 2021, Roosevelt Lake, AZ


My Story of Richard Alvarez

by Dean Fields, Bass Committee Chairman


Richard C. Alvarez, DPS badge #4009 ( nick named ” Bird ” ) started his career in 1986 as a Patrolman in Globe , AZ. He spent a few years there as a Patrolman, and then  promoted to Sergeant and got transferred to Oracle, AZ. He spent another few years in Oracle, and before he got his wish to be transferred back to Globe where he loved spending time fishing Roosevelt lake. He spent many years as a Sergeant for the Globe, Roosevelt , and at one time even the Fountain hills squad while he lived at Roosevelt lake. He was able to get off work and be within a 10 minute drive of launching his boat on Roosevelt lake. Lucky guy! Rich was an avid hunter and fisherman and had better eyesight than most people.

Rich also used to love to escort oversize wide loads all over the state, which is how I met him around 2008. As we would travel all around the state doing these wide loads, I was always extremely impressed with his vast knowledge of the different critical spots along any highway in Arizona. He would always take the lead spot on wide loads, and usually give a very Interesting tour guide type story along the way. He would also be able to spot deer, or any other animal on mountain ranges where most people would need a pair of binoculars to see what he was talking about.

In 2018, Rich started not feeling right and went to the doctor for some testing. They determined in the fall of 2018 that he had stage 4 colon cancer. I remember getting the call from him. It was one of those events that I will never forget. He was optimistic to try a new form of treatment for the cancer.

Around Thanksgiving of 2018 he embroiled in the biggest battle of his life. I have never seen someone with so much courage, and optimism as Rich as he was fighting this terrible disease.. Rich battled valiantly  until he passed away on Christmas morning that year. Rich is one of those people that expected a lot of himself and those around him. He was a great leader and did so by example. He is, and will always be dearly missed.

Great Fishing

What better way to spend your day than on a beautiful lake fishing and enjoying our great Arizona weather with friends and helping a wonderful cause.

Fun Activities

We have numerous activities happening on tournament day that you can participate in. These include  heaviest Bass stringer, heaviest Big Bass, heaviest Catfish and biggest Bluegill.

Lots of Prizes

You can win both plaques and cash prizes for 1st through 10th place depending on the contest(s) you participate in.

About Us

Something For Everyone!

The tournament includes 2 days of fishing, an awards dinner, fun activities, team awards, and other contest prizes. Each angler receives a tournament bag including a hat, free merchandise/offers from our sponsors, and other items, including a parking pass for your vehicle and trailer while fishing.

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Register to fish!

Missing out on an event like this would be a huge mistake! Please take a moment and register you and your friends to take part in this great tournament. You’ll be helping a wonderful cause and enjoying a day of friends and fellowship you’ll not soon forget.

Please join us for some fishing and fun!

The tournament is a two day event. There will be multiple contests you can participate in and multiple cash prizes and plaques per contest. This is for fun. Prizes are awarded to the top teams in each contest. Raffle prizes will be given away as well. Get your raffle tickets now!


What you need to know…


Angler spots includes tournament hats, dinner on April 8th, grab bags, and other goodies, including a parking pass for your vehicle and trialer while fishing.


We’ve got plenty of merchandise for sale so if you can’t attend the tournament, jus take a look at the gift shop and purchase some of our well made items specific to this event.


A great opportunity for your company to have fun, entertain your clients, get exposure, and help a worthy cause!

It’s our goal especially on this 40th anniversary of our tournament to make it the best we can and something friends and families will enjoy for years to come.

Dean Fields, bass committee chair


Take a look at some of the memories we’ve created over the years with the participants of the tournament and get a sneak peek at what you’ll be missing if you pass up the chance to fish this great event!

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Angler Pricing

Each team consists of a maximum three man team. Each team must include one association member (regular or associate) or one first responder.

Eligible Participants

Each team may have a maximum of three fisherman. Children 15 years of age and under may fish as a third member of the team free of entry fees.  Boat and bank fisherman will be treated the same.  Any person who is an association member, associate member, family of a member, or a First Responder is eligible to fish the tournament. At least one member of the team must be a association member, associate member, or a First Responder.

Ineligible Participants

Any person, who has paid $300.00 or more to enter a fishing tournament, is a fishing guide and is not an association member, associate, or a First Responder is ineligible to fish the tournament. The committee will rule on any questionable entry.

* There are no refunds after March 7th *

Click here to view tournament rules...

All Arizona Game and Fish regulations will be adhered to. Any legal bait is acceptable. 

Eligible Participants:

Each team may have a maximum of three fisherman. Children 15 years of age and under may fish as a third member of the team free of entry fees.  Boat and bank fisherman will be treated the same.  Any person who is an association member, associate, or a First Responder is eligible to fish the tournament. At least one member of the team must be a association member, associate member, or a First Responder. 

Ineligible Participants:

Any person, who has paid $300.00 or more to enter a fishing tournament, is a fishing guide and is not an association member, associate member, family of a member, or a First Responder is ineligible to fish the tournament. The committee will rule on any questionable entry. 

A Maximum of 5 fish may be weighted per team per day.

Bass caught on the first day of the tournament must be released. Bass caught on the second day may be kept upon notifying the weigh master at weigh in. 

Conflicts regarding the weights of a stringer of fish will be settled by the Tournament Committee and the Tournament Director. Ties will be settled by the biggest fish.  The Tournament Committee and Tournament Director may inspect any teams live-well or stringer at any time.  Live wells will be checked every morning before the tournament starts by the Tournament Director. 

Additional Rules

  1. Pre-fishing will be allowed through Wednesday April 7, 2021. All boats must be off the water 30 minutes after sunset. No fishing after sunset.
  1. Big Bass Option: If one angler of the team enters the Big Bass option all members of the team must enter the Big Bass option. 

The start time of the tournament will be safe light as determined by the Tournament Director. Weigh-In for Thursday April 8. 2021 will begin at 3:00 pm. We will have 15 boat flights and you must check in with the weight master 15 minutes after your weigh-in time. Fishing is not permit from weigh-in on Thursday April 8 2021 and start time on Friday, April 9, 2021. Starting time on Friday. April 9, 2021 will be at safe light. Final weigh-in will begin at 12:00 Noon on Friday, April 9, 2021. 

The tournament headquarters will be at the Let’s Talk Fishin Trailer located in the parking lot at Windy Hill. 

Children 15 years of age and under fishing for Bluegill from the bank only may enter the Bluegill competition free of any fees. Children 15 years of age and under who are fishing as part of a team may also enter the Bluegill competition. All Bluegill fisherman must be registered prior to the start of the tournament.


1st through 3rd heaviest Bass Stringer, two-day weight – Cash and Plaques 

4th through 10th heaviest Bass Stringer, two-day weight – Cash 

1st through 3rd place Big Bass, two-day weight – Cash 

Heaviest Catfish, One place for two-day weight – Cash 

Big Bass contestants will be allowed only their heaviest Bass caught during the two-days for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.  Each contestant may enter option pot only once. 

Bluegill fisherman will receive plaques for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place biggest bluegill for the two-days. 

All entries and fees must be received no later than Sunday, March 7, 2021. Check-in at the lake will be on April 8, 2021 from 4:00 AM to Safe Light at the Windy Hill parking lot. Ramp TBD

Click here to download a copy of the rules…

Click here to download the indemnification form. It must be presented at registration and is required to enter the tournament…

Tournament management and weigh-in provided by…


  • Association members get a discounted price.
  • *Angler spots includes parking pass, event hats, catered dinner, grab bags, and other goodies.

Big Bass Pot

  • *if one angler on boat enters the pot then all must enter.

Big Catfish Pot

  • *no prerequisites

What You Get


Parking Pass

Parking pass for your vehicle and trailer while fishing.


Tournament Hat

Each angler receives a hat with tournament logo


Camping Spots Available

Use of camping spot for overnight stays on a first come first serve basis. For more info click here…


Meal Ticket

Each angler receives a complimentary dinner the first evening of the tournament.


Gift Bag

Each angler will receive a gift bag filled with prizes and materials from our sponsors.


Other Prizes

Through the raffle and other sponsor gifts anglers have many chances to go home with other prizes.


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Thank You To Our Partners

Our Sponsorships

A great opportunity for your company to have fun, entertain your clients, get exposure, and help a worthy cause!

AZTROOPERS works throughout communities all over Arizona supporting and promoting safety programs and charitable events such as the Law Enforcement Memorial Program, MADD, Concerns Of Police Survivors, Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish, and Seat Belt Safety Programs. We provide support to many public safety programs throughout Arizona and take pride in our representation at annual memorial services at the capitol in honor of all Arizona law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.

The Bass Classic provides much needed support to the families of all troopers. We will be providing gift bags to the anglers which will allow for any of your promotional materials and/or items to be included in these gift bags. All our sponsors are recognized not only at our  tournament, but also in the AZTROOPERS Magazine, which is distributed to organizations and individuals nationwide.

Your sponsorships and donations as well as items for our tournament’s raffle, silent auction and door prizes all provide us with the means to put on this event and so much more. The Arizona State Troopers Charities has a 501 C-3 nonprofit organization designation.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our Bass Classic Committee Chairman Dean Fields at or you can reach him at 888.291.6551 x500.

Gold Sponsor

  • Promotional mention in all event advertising
  • 1/4 page ad in AZTROOPERS magazine
  • Corporate banner at dinner & tournament
  • Sponsor recognition award
  • Materials in every player’s bag

Silver Sponsor

  • Promotional mention in all event advertising
  • Corporate logo on banner at tournament & dinner
  • Special award recognition

What You Get

Our sponsorship packages offer you and your business an opportunity to not only support a great cause and get exposure and recognition among the participants, but also with our members within the Department of Public Safety, our over 25,000 followers within the state of Arizona, and the over 10,000 readers of our quarterly magazine which consists of both other businesses and potential customers alike.

We thank you very much for your time and consideration and we look forward to speaking with you should you be interested in supporting us. However, even if you decide to take a pass this year, we hope you’ll help us get the word out to your customers and employees and possibly even attend as a participant. We’d love to see you there.

Roosevelt Lake

Thursday & Friday, April 8th & 9th, 2021

Roosevelt Lake is the largest lake in Arizona at 15,560 surface acres.  It is a favorite of avid anglers searching for the trophy largemouth bass along with smallmouth bass, channel catfish and crappie. The lake is large enough that high power bass boats can zoom for many miles to other portions of the lake. Depending upon lake capacity that varies with the release of water through the dam, there are miles and miles of beach area for camping along the lake’s edges. Water-skiing, jet-skiing, swimming and general boating recreation makes Roosevelt lake a favorite water recreation destination. The lake features several marinas and fee-based camping sites, and contains a wildlife refuge area and is great for bird and other wildlife watching. The lake has a general store.

Roosevelt Lake is a beautiful body of water set in the desert. There is a migratory waterfowl (including Canada geese) and raptors (including bald eagles and osprey) that use the lake during the fall and winter. Small isolated islands and coves offer outstanding opportunities for camping and relaxing in the unique Sonoran Desert. Both Non-Motorized and Motorized boats are allowed at Roosevelt for maximum enjoyment of the water.

Sport fish present: Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Bluegill, Crappie and carp Roosevelt Lake has few rivals in Arizona for producing trophy fish. Previous records for both Largemouth (14 lbs. 8 oz.) and Small mouth Bass (7 lbs. 4 oz.) are catches taken from this lake. Catfish weighing in excess of 60 lbs. have been caught here. Crappies weighting in excess of 1 pound are caught routinely.

Camping: Individuals can camp on the shores of Roosevelt Lake. Some popular sites include; Grapevine, Schoolhouse, Cholla, Indian Point, Cholla Bay, Bachelor Cove.

  • Our camping loop for this event is called ‘Jackrabbit Loop’ within the Windy Hill campground.
  • Camping is limited to approximately 60 first come first serve spots.
  • Due to Covid restrictions, there were NO group sites available this year.
  • Anyone that isn’t able to get into the loop we have reserved will need to grab their own spot nearby within the Windy hill campground.

From Mesa: Take State Hwy. 87 (Beeline Highway) north for about 60 miles to the junction of State Hwy. 188. Turn right and follow State Hwy. 188 for 26 miles to the lake. The entire route is paved.

From Globe area: Take State Hwy. 188 northwest 27 miles to the lake. The entire route is paved.

COVID19 Info: Per Govenor Ducey’s executive order requiring permission from the local Health Department for any gatherings of 50 or more people.  We submitted the following guidelines with Gila County Health Department for approval of tournaments on Roosevelt Lake.  Gila County Health Department has approved fishing tournaments on Roosevelt Lake.  The guidelines will need to be followed in order for us to continue holding tournaments during the pandemic.

  • Maintain social distancing. 
  • On-Line Tournament Registration only
  • No on-site registration. 
  • No weigh-in gathering and only one person from each team will weigh-in at a time.  All others will remain in their vehicles with their fish in the live well until it is their turn to weigh-in. 
  • No gathering for awards or awards ceremonies. 
  • Winners and awards will be announced and dispersed on-line after the tournament has concluded. 
  • There is no gathering of people. 

Roosevelt Lake

Lake Statistics & Map

Location Gila County, Arizona,
United States
Coordinates 33°40′18″N 111°09′40″WCoordinates33°40′18″N 111°09′40″W[1]
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Salt River, Tonto Creek
Catchment area 5,830 mi² (15,099 km²)
Basin countries United States
Max. length 22.4 mi (35.8 km)
Max. width 2 mi (3.2 km)
Surface area 21,493 acres (8,698 ha)
Max. depth 349 ft (106 m)
Water volume 1,653,043 acre⋅ft (2.039 km3) (conservation)[2]
2,910,200 acre⋅ft (3.590×109 m3) (flood control)[3]
Shore length1 128 mi (205 km)
Surface elevation
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