AZTroopers donates to many law enforcement related memorials and charities:

  • Memorial & remembrance of fallen DPS Officers (Instrumental in forming the committee & raising funds for the fallen officer monument.)
  • Supports the State and National Law Enforcement Fallen Officers Memorials
  • 100 Club of Arizona

Annual AZTroopers activities include:

  • DPS fallen officers memorial and luncheon in Phoenix
  • Golf tournament & banquet
  • Bass fishing tournament
  • Christmas Bear Program

Giving Back to Arizona

Our association works hard everyday to volunteer with other charities that provide valuable resources to people in need, including Special Olympics, Stop Domestic Abuse, Concerns of Police Survivors and others. Your donations allow us to continue our work and supply funds to our members in the form of scholarships and donations during times of crisis.

Our Christmas Bear Program


Make a donation to our Christmas Bears program!

If you would like to help and make a difference for the organizations and causes we support, please take a moment and make a donation today using the button below. Your donation will give joy and much needed funds to those that need it most.
AZTroopers has been bringing Christmas joy to children receiving treatment in various medical centers across the state for over 25 years. The program, started in 1993, was later expanded to provide the stuffed teddy bears to both children and adults at their bedside. The success is attributed to the efforts and talents of volunteers giving countless hours of their time to make the Christmas Bear Program an overwhelming success.

The mission of the program is to carry out an activity that demonstrates children are the association’s most important responsibility. The tremendous joy that is brought to the hospital patients with the bears is only a part of the benefit that results from the program. It also helps AZTroopers establish a communication mechanism to have children better understand that police officers are helpers & protectors. Witnessing the faces of those receiving the teddy bears is all that one needs to know the program is making a positive difference in many lives.

The program has exceeded over 2,150 bears each year that are delivered to patients in over 32 statewide medical centers, domestic violence shelters, hospice and a head-start program on the Hopi Tribal Reservation.

We also host raffles each year to generate funds
we donate to other charities

Thank you to the AZTroopers members who put the scholarships together every year and those who contribute.  It might seem like just a check, but it is education and a future to the ones receiving it.” 
Kyrstin Simpson

2014 and 2015 scholarship recipient

“I am very thankful for the support and generosity of the Arizona State Troopers Association. Your scholarship will help further assist my education and put me on the road towards my goals and dreams..” 
Seth Copeland

2015 scholarship recipient

Our main annual raffle allows us to donate thousands of dollars each year to needing charities and help extend the effective reach of our members to other organizations. Even though the Grand Prize is huge, the ticket price is still small – twenty bucks is not bad for an opportunity to win a $25,000, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 or a $500 cash prize!  We are excited to continue the opportunity to buy five (5) raffle tickets and get TWO (2) FREE!   You can buy this combination of tickets (5+ 2 free) as many times as you desire!

The mission for our annual community fundraiser is to utilize the great reputation of Arizona’s finest at the Department of Public Safety to enhance the well-being of our communities. Since 1993, AZTroopers has granted nearly $1 million to local non-profit organizations and police families because of your participation in the raffle!

The association presented 11 scholarships to the children of members attending Arizona colleges in 2015.  That is three more scholarships awarded over last year because of raffle participation!  Additional scholarships are a needed for our college-bound children, as each year the number of applicants increases.

Money from the raffle is able to provide financial assistance to law enforcement families in need.  It has helped our DPS fallen officer’s survivors, from funeral to travel expenses.  AZTroopers members are able to deliver comfort bears to sick children all over the state of Arizona during the Christmas holidays.  Raffle funds additionally go to Arizona’s 100 Club, Concerns of Police Survivors, Make-A-Wish and other non-profits and causes that have a positive impact on law enforcement and Arizona.

The drawing is held in December each year at the AZTroopers’ meeting.  You do not need to be present to win!

Our Scholarship Programs



Does your son or daughter need money for college?

AZTroopers awards THOUSANDS of dollars in scholarships each year!

Simply read through the eligibility requirements on the next tab and you can fill out the application online. You can attach/upload all of the necessary documents with your application.

Once complete you will be notified that your application was received and entered into the application process. Please follow all instructions carefully and supply all necessary documents for your application to be successfully submitted to the committee.

  1. Applicants must be the dependent son or daughter of an active officer, civilian, retired or deceased member of the Arizona State Troopers Association. Member must have five (5) years in the Arizona State Troopers Association for dependent to qualify for the scholarship* and continue as a member in good standing during the time the scholarship is in effect.
  2. Applicants must be under the age of 24 and at least a high school senior at time of application.
  3. Selection for scholarship will be made by the Association Scholarship Committee based upon the following criteria:

Grade point average, must be minimum of 3.0 GPA,
Resume/Community leadership,
Letters of recommendation,
Enrollment as a full-time student as defined by attending college/university,
Is or will be an undergraduate
OR enrolled as a full-time student in a trade/vocational school within two (2) years of high school graduation.

  1. The scholarship monies will be distributed to the college/university, 1/2 of the awarded amount per semester.
  2. Applicants must plan on earning their undergraduate degree within four (4) years.
  3. Applications must be received no later than March 15 to be accepted for the following school year.
  4. Scholarship selections will be announced no later than the May Arizona State Troopers Association
  5. The Arizona State Troopers Association will award a minimum of six (6) scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded for attendance at any accredited college or university in the United States.  Additional scholarships may be provided through the Association or private donations.

Required Attachments: (copies are acceptable – submitted information cannot be returned)

  • Resume TO INCLUDE but is not limited to:  work history, community service, hobbies & other interests
  • Two (2) CURRENT signed letters of recommendation from persons other than a relative – must know the applicant for more than 2 years.
  • Applicant’s most recent high school transcript or a copy of their GED
  • Transcripts from all college courses attended
  • Personal essay prepared by the applicant TO INCLUDE but is not limited to information on family, career goal and plan to achieve career goal, interests, community service and why the applicant deserves the Arizona State Troopers Association Essay to be least 300, but not more than 1,000 words.

Acknowledgment and Signature:

  • I certify that the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge
  • I hereby give consent to the AZTROOPERS, its agents, employees, or designees to verify the contents of this application with any individual, government, educational institution or other entity.
  • I understand that the AZTROOPERS may request additional information and/or request me to appear for an interview to determine my suitability for an award
  • I agree to share and allow the release and publication of my name, photo and likeness, GPA and application information when necessary, and give my permission for the AZTROOPERS to share this information for the purpose of recruitment or public relations
  • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to keep the AZTROOPERS informed of any address or contact information changes
  • I understand that all application material becomes the property of the AZTROOPERS and cannot be returned

I certify that I have read this application and I accept all the conditions herein

Would you like to apply for one of our scholarships?

If you meet the eligibility requirements and you’d like to apply for an AZTroopers scholarship award use the button below to start the process.

(The application process runs from January 1st to March 15th each year. Applications are only accepted during this period.)

Our Current Scholarship Award Winners

Reagan N Bottoms

Utah Tech University


I am now set on becoming a mental health therapist. My goal is to work in a hospital setting and assist those who are ill and struggling to cope with diagnoses and health limitations.

Kylee Nicole Call



The summer after I graduated high school I applied for a position in the Mercy Gilbert Hospital here in Arizona, they looked at my application and wanted to hire me as soon as possible however I was not eighteen yet. So they hired me and let me start getting everything ready for my new job, but I was not allowed to actually go to work for them until I was a legal adult.

Celeste Theresa Calvillo

Univeristy of Arizona


I am studying Criminal Justice in hopes for it to allow me to become a criminal lawyer or venture into forensics. I am also interested in studying Psychology or Sociology.

Jessica M Castellano

Northern Arizona Univeristy


The Honor Society has opened a lot of opportunities for me to get involved with extracurricular activities and earn volunteer hours. I have been involved with Future Health Professionals Club which consists of leaders of the organization helping students make a path for themselves in the medical world.

Erin Jordan Conner

Arizona State University


I am getting closer and closer to graduate school and in turn getting so close to becoming a Speech Language Pathologist. While I am indeed nervous about this next step in my journey, I couldn't be more excited to be making a difference in this world.

Sean Michael Francis Diehl

University of Arizona


The peace of mind, the feeling of security and financial stability are not to be taken for granted. I am grateful for gaining the new level of appreciation which I now have for police officers and first responders.

Adriana Marie DoPadre

Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Sports Journalism


During my first year at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I wanted to be an air talent doing sideline reporting. I quickly realized I didn’t enjoy being on camera and loved working behind the scenes.

Madeline Rose Galarneau

Northern Arizona University Forestry minor in Forensic Science


I have had an interest in criminal justice, and forensics for a while now, my sophomore year of high school I enrolled in the Forensics program at Buena, I passed that class with an A. That same year I enrolled in Criminal Justice class at Buena, I then continued to take Criminal Justice II

Jayce Aaron Galvez

Arizona State University


Ever since I was a little boy, I have found inspiration through the art of film and video editing. When I was in elementary school, I would record myself playing football in my backyard, edit clips together using iMovie to create a video of my best plays, then add music in the background to produce a highlight tape.

Matthew Augustine Galvez

Arizona State University


About a year ago I switched my major to Engineering (Automotive Systems). I realized that my passion for automotive vehicles and all the different components that allow such forces to move can really make a difference.

Cynthia Gabriella Gephart

Liberty University


Community service is crucial, and I have a huge heart for it. The type of community service that I enjoy doing is one that is more personal and relational. Volunteering at my church is a specific type of community service/volunteer work that I have done in the past.

Makenzie Lynn Halama

Northern Arizona University


As I matured, I began to understand what my dad’s career truly was and what being a law enforcement officer entailed. I understand that it takes courage, bravery, and a special type of person. These characteristics that my dad displays truly inspire me to continue to pursue my goals at the upmost of my potential.

Paxton Anne Hansen

Arizona State University


This has led to service becoming a very constant thing in my life. We mostly do things like cleaning people's yards, making treats for someone, or cheering someone up. I also get service hours in clubs I’m in at school, such as student council and National Honors Society.

Allison Elizabeth Hawkins



I am currently studying criminal. Sociology. I love this major. I aspire to be able to help people in communities identify patterns of crime and implement preventative social institutions. These will help troubled youth and adults as well as families get the mental health help they need.

Katie Ann Hawkins

byu idaho


I am an active volunteer for the Arizona State Troopers Association. I have been helping my dad serve the members of this great association for the past four years. I have donated countless hours to the Arizona State Troopers Association.

Tristen Christopher Huddleston

Yavapai College

I want to be a First Responder like my Dad too, although I want to be a Fireman or a Hose Dragger as my Dad would say. I want to help people and I am good at de-escalating situations. I want to have a purpose and hopefully save lives one day.

Peyton Jergenson

Arizona State University


My education and career choice in healthcare will allow me to continue on a path of service. I chose to major in Kinesiology because it opens the doors to many career options. I can pursue pharmaceuticals, therapy, biomechanics, nutrition and so much more.

Dylan Lars Larson

Arizona State University Computer Systems Engineering bachelor's degree


Through conversations with my mother and her love of space, I also became fascinated with space exploration. I am passionate about the Mars rovers and planetary robots. This inspired me to set a goal for myself to build these robots in my future career.

Stephen Jay Louis

University of Arizona


I am currently studying to get a degree in psychology because I want to help with the mental health crisis, which I believe is one of the most overlooked problems in today’s world. I would like to use my degree to assist people in need by being a person who is willing to listen and offer aid in managing their mental struggles.

Ariela Maya Preciado

University of Arizona


I am going to college because I want to be a pediatrician. Even in the field of pediatrics, I have a wide range of options in which I could use my experience to find the area in which I work best. I could open my own office and work in a more personal setting.

Mia Emma Ross



. I want to work in neurology and the emergency room. Neurology, especially, because while we certainly know a lot about the functions of the brain and how important it is to the body’s system, our knowledge of it is still somewhat limited.

Isaac David Stopke

Arizona State


I have helped coach the special needs kids after school and playing any sport that they want with them and just being a person that they know they can always go to if they ever need anything. I think helping out with the special needs is one of the most eye opening experiences you can do and I am so happy that I have helped coach them for the past year.

Make a specialty donation to AZtroopers Charities!

If you would like to help and make a difference for the organizations and causes we support, please take a moment and make a donation today using the button below. Your donation will give joy and much needed funds to those that need it most.

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