DPS Fallen Officer Memorial

We encourage you to stop and take a moment to look at the statue, walk around the base and take note of the artist’s work, craftmanship, and the tribute to our officers. Also view the memorial walls on each side that honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


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Click on an officer plaque below to learn more about them and their End of Watch information.

Click on an officer plaque below to learn more about them and their End of Watch information.

Officer Memorial ceremony

In remembrance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is hosted each year by the Arizona State Troopers Association and the Department of Public Safety.


learn more about our memorial ceremonymake a donation to the memorial fund

2020 Officer Memorial Tribute 

The Roll Call

by Paul Palmer #342

It is a special place in heaven that God has set aside for only the bravest.

It is reserved for those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice; giving their lives to protect us.

Today the street is lined with all the officers who have fallen in the line of duty. Men and women, in various uniforms, razor sharp creases, and shoes shined to a high gloss. Today, at the head of the line are the tan uniforms of the officers of the Arizona State Troopers. Today 29 officers stand ready to accept a new member.

Louie Cochran badge 59, EOW 12-22-58 steps forward at the head of the line and calls the other officers to attention. Louie’s voice booms out…

“Paul Marston, badge 138 EOW 6-9-69” HERE SIR is the response.

“Gib Duthie badge 143 EOW 9-5-70” HERE SIR.
“Jim Keeton badge 310 EOW 2-5-71” HERE SIR.
“Don Beckstead badge 409 EOW 2-7-71” HERE SIR
“Alan Hansen badge 204 EOW 7-19-73” HERE SIR.
“Greg Diley badge 1442 EOW 12-2-77” HERE SIR.
“Mac Merrill badge 695 EOW 12-11-78” HERE SIR.
“John Walker badge 150 EOW 11-30-79” HERE SIR.
“Bill Murie badge 721 EOW 11-19-80” HERE SIR.
“Tom McNeff badge 1758 EOW 10-2-83” HERE SIR.
“Rick Stratman badge 1622 EOW 10-2-83” HERE SIR.
“Bruce Petersen badge 3536 EOW 10-20-87” HERE SIR.
“Ed Rebel badge 233 EOW 6-28-88” HERE SIR.
“Johnny Garcia badge 3572 EOW 10-14-89” HERE SIR.
“Dave Gabrielli badge 1231 EOW 8-31-90” HERE SIR.
“John Blaser badge 2916 EOW 8-31-90” HERE SIR.
“Manny Tapia badge 1409 EOW 1-8-91” HERE SIR.
“Dave Zesiger badge 1848 EOW 7-3-92” HERE SIR.
“Mark Dryer badge 9764 EOW 7-3-1993” HERE SIR
“Mike Crowe badge 2729 EOW 7-4-95” HERE SIR.
“Bob Martin badge 474 EOW 8-15-95” HERE SIR
“Doug Knutson badge 3818 EOW 1-2-98” HERE SIR.
“Juan Cruz badge 3111 EOW 12-9-98” HERE SIR.
“Skip Fink badge 940 EOW 2-18-2000” HERE SIR.
“Brett Buckmister badge 5548 EOW 3-21-2000” HERE SIR.
“Bruce Harrolle badge 5669 EOW 10-13-2008” HERE SIR.
“Chris Marano badge 6759 EOW 12-17-2009” HERE SIR.
And finally, “Tim Huffman badge 5430 EOW 5-6-13” HERE SIR.

Louie then does a slow about face as the gates of Heaven open and in walks a young officer with a somewhat bewildered look on his face. Louie’s voice booms again as he orders “RIGHT HAND SALUTE!”

The arms of 29 officers begin a slow rise to the brim of their hats as the young man, now with a slight smile on his face walks through the line of officers.

The 29 officers think to themselves, “this young man could be my son”, or “this young man could be my grandson”.

The young trooper reaches the end of the line and takes his place among these other heroes.

Their arms slowly drop from the brim of their hats.

Louie’s voice booms again… “Tyler Edenhofer badge 10449 EOW 7-25-18” Tyler stands a little taller and responds, “HERE SIR”

Louie dismisses the men and they all gather around Tyler to welcome him to this special place in Heaven.

Louie looks over the scene as a tear rolls down his cheek because he knows in his heart that this will not be the last time he assembles this group to welcome a new hero into their midst.

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