Business Sponsorship Opportunities

AZTROOPERS Charities allow us to help our members and other charitable organizations in many ways. We offer scholarships, hardship relief, food services, water, Christmas bears for children, and many other things for those in need.

We have many different opportunities
for your business to get the most
from your donation.

Corporate Sponsorships

$15,000 Corporate Sapphire Sponsorship

$12,500 Corporate Ruby Sponsorhip

$10,000 Corporate Platinum Sponsorship

$7,500 Corporate Gold Sponsorship

$5,000 Corporate Silver Sponsorship

Business Sponsorships

$2,500 Business Platinum Sponsorship

$1,750 Business Gold Sponsorship

$1,250 Business Full Sponsorship

We’re  here to help you.

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Help those in need
and make a difference.

Choose the sponsorship level that matches your comfort level…

For over 60 years, AZTROOPERS Charities has provided much needed assistance to our members and worked hard to volunteer with charities that provide valuable resources to people in need. When AZTROOPERS Charities receives your generous gift to support our fundraising efforts, this support aims to go directly to our charitable programs. With your contribution, we can provide support to those that need it the most.

For more information you can always contact us at contact us at 888.291.6551 x600. We always welcome any donations at

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