The Arizona Highway Patrol Association has endorsed numerous candidates running for the Arizona Legislature, U.S. Congress and local offices that have shown to be strong supporters of public safety.  Below is a list of all the candidates that have been endorsed by the AHPA.  We have only listed the districts in which the AHPA has made an endorsement.  AHPA has not made endorsements in all races to ensure that only candidates that truly deserve our endorsement receive it.  Remember, if you have not already voted, please make your vote count and vote November 6th.  This may be your only chance to make a difference in the outcome of the election in your district.

To find your polling place go to  To find out your Congressional and Legislative districts go to

Regardless of political affiliation, candidates were vetted carefully and many have a long relationship with AHPA.   AHPA does not consider endorsing any candidate without first making sure that candidate will hold true to their words when it comes to our issues.  AHPA has and will continue to hold any candidate receiving our endorsement accountable.  Those that have and continue to support us deserve our same consideration.

Arizona Highway Patrol Association

2012 Candidate Endorsements

General Election

Arizona State Legislature

District 1

State Senate

President Steve Pierce (R)

House of Representatives

Speaker Andy Tobin (R)

Karen Fann (R)

District 2

State Senate

Linda Lopez (D)

District 3

State Senate

Olivia Cajero Bedford (D)

District 4

State Senate

Lynne Pancrazi (D)

District 5

House of Representatives

Doris Goodale (R)

District 6

State Senate

Tom Chabin (D)

District 7

State Senate

Jack Jackson, Jr. (D)

District 11

State Senate

Al Melvin (R)

District 12

State Senate

Andy Biggs (R)

House of Representatives

Eddie Farnsworth (R)

District 13

State Senate

Don Shooter (R)

House of Representatives

Steve Montenegro (R)

District 14

House of Representatives

David Gowan (R)

David Stevens (R)

District 15

House of Representatives

Heather Carter (R)

District 16

State Senate

Rich Crandall (R)

District 17

House of Representatives

Tom Forese (R)

J.D. Mesnard (R)

District 18

State Senate

John McComish (R)

House of Representatives

Jeff Dial (R)

Bob Robson (R)

District 19

State Senate

Anna Tovar (D)

District 22

House of Representatives

Phil Lovas (R)

District 24

House of Representatives

Lela Alston (D)

Chad Campbell (D)

District 25

State Senate

Bob Worsely (R)

House of Representatives

Justin Pierce (R)

District 26

State Senate

Jerry Lewis (R)

District 27

State Senate

Leah Landrum Taylor (D)

District 28

State Senate

Adam Driggs (R)

House of Representatives

Eric Meyer (D)

Amanda Reeve (R)

District 30

State Senate

Robert Meza (D)

House of Representatives

Debbie McCune Davis (D)


U.S. Congress, District 5 Matt Salmon (R)

U.S. Congress, District 9 Kyrsten Sinema (D)

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (R)

Mayor of Glendale Jerry Weiers

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels

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