Good Morning All,

My name is Jennifer Van Slyke! This is my Daughter’s story of how she had the best birthday EVER! Below is the original email I sent in to the Arizona State Troopers Association!

“I am just writing in because I have a 4 year old daughter named Chloe!
Every morning for about 6 Months when Chloe and I go to school she watches for motorcycles mops, Cops, highway patrol, and the AMAZING STATE TROOPERS! Each morning from Olive and the 101 north to about 67th Ave, Chloe has her eyes ready to look for the Troopers! Every morning she saw this one state trooper and she fell in love! She was so beyond happy to see him pull some one over every morning! I have promised her that if I could I would find this AMAZING STATE TROOPER so she could meet the man she thinks is so great! She screams so loud in excitement to see the silver and black SUV with shinning bright lights and loud sirens! This Trooper is a tall, black man, with bald head, normally on the 101 north about 7 – 9 in the mornings! I understand there is plenty of men that can fit that description, but If there is any way I could find this man and give him some small gifts to show him how much he has made an impact in my daughter life, I would!”

A couple weeks had passed after I wrote in to the Arizona State troopers and I had heard nothing back. It hurt my heart to tell my daughter that I hadn’t heard back yet, because she asked every day! So after a long weekend I was driving to work Monday 12/5/2016 and I looked over to see the Black and Silver SUV with shinning Bright lights and loud sirens! My heart fluttered because even though my daughter wasn’t with me I could still hear her scream in excitement “Look mom it’s my Trooper, he got the bad guys!!!” Sure enough I look over and there he is, the Trooper I have wrote in about! After Getting to work a short time later I wrote in to the Arizona State Trooper Again! Below is another email!

“Good Morning,
I have emailed in telling about how my 4 year old daughter Chloe that has seen the same State Trooper for months now on the Loop 101 from Olive to about 67th Ave. Well this morning I saw the Trooper that I have emailed in about! It was 7:17 am today, 12/05/2016, andI saw the exact State Trooper we have been asking about! He had a car pulled over in between 59th Ave and 67th Ave on the loop 101 going east bound! He had his window down and I got a clear good look at him! I hope that maybe you or someone can look up the tickets that were given around that time and spot! My daughter is so excited that you are looking for this man so she can meet him!!

Thank you so much for helping my daughters dream of meeting him come true!!”

To my amazement I got an email just shortly after I had wrote in a second time! It was an email I would never forget! The president of the Arizona State Troopers Association, Jimmy Chavez, emailed me back saying the words I was hoping for!! Below is Another email!

“Mrs. Van Slyke,

My apologies for taking so long to contact you. I wanted to let you know that we have identified the trooper your daughter has become such a huge fan of. His name is Trooper Trimble and I have passed on your contact information to him so he can contact you and arrange for a meeting. He was excited to hear that he has made such an impression on your daughter.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for contacting us and I can assure you that the Highway Patrol Division Assistant Director, Lieutenant Colonel Danny Lugo was very appreciative of your kind words about Trooper Trimble.

Jimmy Chavez”

I then got the phone call of my life! Trooper Trimble called me! He expressed his gratitude to me and that made me fly to the moon! He was so excited that he got a call stating that a 4 year old girl wanted to meet him! He then asked about my daughter, what she was like, and how she became to like him! He then asked when we wanted to meet and where! I told him my daughter’s birthday was on Sunday, December 11th and she turns 4! He then said “ NOPE I’M DONE, I HAVE TO GO TO THIS LITTLE GIRL’S BIRTHDAY!”. He kept saying how amazing it would be to show up in full uniform and cars to my daughter’s party! That he did. He and his partner/supervisor showed up to my daughter’s party. She was beyond excited. She didn’t know what to do with herself. She was to the moon and back!

We took pictures, had some Starbucks, talked, enjoyed the company, shared stories, laughed A LOT, opened presents, played in the cars, and had cupcakes and Christmas cookies!

So for a perfect ending to the story I have a couple thank you’s and included some pictures!

I would like to give a special thanks to Arizona State Trooper Trimble and to Trooper Peles. This is Trimble and my family enjoying each other’s company. The story about him is quite amazing to my family. For about the past 6 months, every time my daughter is on her way to school she sees him sitting on the side of the road or having someone pulled over. Every time we get into a car to go somewhere she always asks “Am I going to see my State Trooper?” We reached out to the Arizona State Troopers Association to see if there was any way that we could meet him about a month ago. Last week we received a phone call and he really wanted to meet us and to meet my daughter who was always screaming for him. Today was my daughter’s birthday and he wanted to meet her on this day and to bring her a gift. Trimble and his partner let her play in the car, turn on the lights and sirens, and brought her a gift. It was nice to see her smile a lot today because this has been a tough year on the family.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day. #bluelivesmatter #respect #police #Arizona #statetroopers #highwaypatrol #aztroopers -love daddy!

I honestly could never thank these men enough for what they did for my little girl! They took her crazy world and made it the best it could be! We now have friends for life and a couple new members to our family! Thank you so much Trooper Trimble and Trooper Peles you are amazing men! Thank you for keeping us safe and keeping the streets more safe!

You are my daughters hero’s and I could not thank you enough! Happy birthday little girl! –love momma

Chloe Loves her new BLUE/TAN FAMILY!


Jennifer Van Slyke

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