Top Ten Ways Not to Start a Report

1. Hear ye, hear ye: 2. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times 3. What it do players? Here’s the deal: 4. From the desk of the world’s greatest cop 5. Four score and seven years ago… 6. Will whoever took my red stapler please return it ASAP. 7. Dear Mom:...

The Pinky Ring Gives it Away

The Top Ten Signs The Suspect Is Connected To Organized Crime 1. He used his only phone call to contact a guy named “Mikey Two-Guns.” 2. He keeps telling the detectives to call his “handlers” at the Bureau. 3. Last year he gave everyone in the neighborhood a...

Caring for the Old Dawgs

The Thin Gray Line is Becoming a Reality: Caring for the Old Dawgs Recently, I attended a management seminar on the inclusion of Generation X and Y in our departments. One chief brought up an issue that struck home with many of us older folk. His point was we are...

The Dead Man’s Hand

A pair of aces, and a pair of eights – four simple cards known simply as the Dead Man’s Hand. For years, the symbolic meaning of these cards has been misconstrued and demonized. In our own department, the cards were seen by some administrators and investigators to...
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