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Since 1958…

The history of the Arizona State Troopers Association can be traced to the “Arizona Highway Patrol Club” founded in 1937. The Chairman, Superintendent Rumans expected 100% membership from all patrolmen. The “1937 Arizona Highway Patrol Club” was primarily organized for the purpose of assisting members and the families of officers who were seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

The Arizona State Troopers Association was established in 1958 and is “Dedicated To All DPS Employees.”  AZTroopers membership is made up of entirely of DPS employees and retirees, sworn and civilian, and is the only organization that represents only DPS employees.  AZTroopers Board is composed of sworn, civilian, and retiree leaders working together for the benefit of all DPS employees, its retirees, the DPS and the State of Arizona.  AZTroopers is a labor organization which continues to assist members with benefits such as life and cancer insurance, legal services, and financial planning.  Another one of the association’s main functions is to provide financial assistance to families of officers killed in the line of duty.  AZTroopers also offers scholarships to members and their dependents to Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona.

In addition, AZTroopers has grown to be a powerful lobbying organization in the state legislature. AZTroopers is constantly reviewing and testifying on behalf of law enforcement related issues at each legislative session.  Several years ago, AZTroopers became a PAC (Political Action Committee), offering support to those candidates who support and further the interests of the association and the Department of Public Safety (DPS).  The association has been extremely instrumental in obtaining new legislation to benefit DPS employees as well as Arizona’s residents.

The association provides support for the DPS Explorer Program, Special Olympics, the Uniformed Safety Educational Officer’s Workshop, the Make–A-Wish Foundation, and educational programs for children such as “Bumper” The Talking Patrol Car and DARE. The association also sponsors a yearly program known as the Christmas Patrol Bear Program, where DPS officers statewide converge at their local hospitals to spend time with ill and injured children in the hospital at Christmas time.

AZTroopers “Statewide Police and Support Services” concept embraces the level of impact that all DPS employees have on public safety in Arizona.  DPS sworn employees are the State of Arizona’s police force pursuing law enforcement efforts to keep Arizona safe.  DPS civilian employees provide a vital role in that effort.  Civilian employees perform crucial jobs that help sworn employees perform their law enforcement duties.  Both DPS sworn and civilian employee functions are absolutely critical to public safety throughout the State of Arizona.

Manny Tapia

Sgt. Manny Tapia’s Memorial

Join members of the DPS Family on January 7, 2017 during a special event in Nogales that is being held to remember and honor fallen DPS Sgt. Manny Tapia. The event will include a burrito breakfast, a highway cleanup, a small memorial service and also...
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The Who, When and How of carrying out the Hall decision

The Hall lawsuit decided last week impacts certain - but not all - members and retirees of all three plans managed by PSPRS. The court's decision requires payment by PSPRS-managed plans to thousands of currently contributing members and retirees. The largest pool of...
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Arizona Supreme Court strikes pension reforms

PSPRS still expected to save $475 million due to 2016 measures ARIZONA - The Arizona Supreme Court overturned two provisions of state law designed to provide financial relief to underfunded retirement plans managed by PSPRS. The Hall v. EORP lawsuit follows a similar...
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Verizon Update: New Plans and Pricing!

Exciting news! Effective September 30th, 2016 Verizon has brought back the old Unlimited Data plans for all lines on our account. Our accounts qualify for the following: Unlimited data for smartphones and jetpacks (VZW may reduce your data throughout speeds when...
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2016 Raffle has arrived!

Your opportunity to help a worthy cause and get a chance to win $25,000! Two ticket options: Single ticket and 7 Pak (5+2Free) *Drawings are made at the December board meeting on December 21st…

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AZDPS Memorial 5K Run

4th Annual Arizona Department of Public Safety Memorial 5K Sunday, September 18th, 2016 at 6:30am Reid Park in Tucson The purpose of this event is to celebrate and honor the 29 Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers who made the…

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Back to School in Tucson

On July 30th, AZTroopers participated in a back to school event in Tucson that has been going on for three years. This was their third and largest event.

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In Defense of Police Unions

While many conservatives love police, and many liberals love unions, you won’t find many people on either end of the political spectrum who proclaim their love for police unions.

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Court of Appeals Rules on Two LEMSC Cases

There have been two recent Arizona Court of Appeals decisions that have started to frame the authority of the Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council (LEMSC). Since the Legislature and Gov. Brewer took away an officer’s rights to a de novo review of discipline by LEMSC, we’ve been waiting to see how the courts would interpret the limits placed on LEMSC in this new law.

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Our New Website

We’ve completely redesigned our website to better meet the needs of our members and supporters alike. We hope you like what you see. We’ve created a few short tutorials below to let you know how to navigate it and find what you’re looking for. We’ll be continuing our changes moving forward to add new features and capabilities so stay tuned. Please join our mailing list to stay abreast of all the great things ahead.

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“Having the privilege to represent and the opportunity to serve those that serve and protect us all, is truly an honor. Working with AZ Troopers President Jimmy Chavez on issues important to their members is something that I am always proud to do.”

Sonny Borrelli

Representative, State of Arizona

“I take pride in the quality and commitment of the men and women of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. They are well represented by the Arizona State Troopers Association, which works hard on their behalf at the Arizona Capitol!”

Eric Meyer

Representative, State of Arizona

“It is certain that neither of these pay increases would have happened without the strong support, commitment, and efforts of your association. No other association weighed in on this past year’s push for a 5% pay increase for all DPS employees.”

Kelsey Lundy

Lobbyist, Axiom

“Thank you to the dedicated men and women of the Arizona Department of Public Safety! And thank you to the Arizona State Troopers Association for your hard work and dedication on their behalf!”

Katie Hobbs

Senator, State of Arizona




Member Satisfaction

  • Benefits 75%
  • Legal Coverage 95%
  • Charity Work 85%
  • Representation Locally 100%

Sworn DPS Troopers

Civilian Employees

Jimmy Chavez

Jimmy Chavez


From the President…

Arizona State Troopers, We Protect and Serve You!

As a state trooper, one of your most valuable tools is not to be found in your equipment belt, or even your patrol car. The tool is your membership in the Arizona State Troopers Association. You have sworn to protect and serve the public, but who is going to protect you? Membership in the Arizona State Troopers Association will protect you and your family’s future.

The Arizona State Troopers Association (AZ Troopers) works to improve your wages, benefits and working conditions and encourages all employees to provide quality service to the community. Our membership consists of sworn and civilian employees as well as retirees of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. AZ Troopers elects its President, Vice President and Executive Board from the membership.

Our Mission is to protect the rights, interests and welfare of our members and improve quality of life for DPS employees and Arizona residents.

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