At our board meeting on February 15th, 2017, we took a few minutes to make a presentation to Mr. Thomas Yoxall for his actions in saving the life of Trooper Ed Andersson just one month prior.

On the morning of January 12, 2017, while traveling west on Interstate 10 west of Phoenix, Mr. Thomas Yoxall came across a situation that no citizen welcomes. Mr. Yoxall noticed a DPS Trooper in dire need of assistance. That trooper, Ed Andersson, was being viciously assaulted. Trooper Andersson had been shot, losing the use of his shooting hand/strong arm. After the shooting, the suspect continued to assault Trooper Andersson. As Trooper Andersson attempted to fight off the suspect, Mr. Yoxall noticed the situation and immediately intervened. Identifying that Trooper Andersson was in grave danger, Mr. Yoxall decided to put a stop to the assault and render aid to Trooper Andersson. Mr. Yoxall took the appropriate action and as a result, saved the life of Trooper Andersson.

In appreciation for his actions as a citizen that protected the life of a law enforcement officer, I, as a representative of the Arizona State Troopers Association presented Mr. Yoxall with a small token of our appreciation. Additionally, he will hereby be honored as a Lifetime Associate Member of the Arizona State Troopers Association.The Board of Directors and membership offer our sincere thanks to him for his actions that day.

Jimmy Chavez
Arizona State Troopers Association


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