A woman arrested for shoplifting falsely accused a Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff’s Office deputy of rape earlier this year, authorities say.

According to the arrest report, 23-year-old Marley Barberian is now facing charges of a false report of sexual battery, a false report of crime and perjury (not in an official proceeding.)

Barberian, who was in county jail after being arrested at a Target for shoplifting, told an intake nurse that a PBSO deputy sexually battered her while bringing her in to the jail. In a sworn statement with a detective, she claimed the deputy raped her anally after they left the Greenacres Police Department. She also accused the deputy of groping her earlier in a patdown during her arrest at the Target, reports CBS 12.

However, after investigating her statement, authorities found holes in her story. One male deputy said the accused deputy did not touch Barberian inappropriately, and that a female deputy actually patted her down. He also told authorities that the accused deputy only drove her to the Greenacres police station, and then a female deputy took her to the Palm Beach County jail.

Investigators also looked at the in-car video and surveillance video, all of which refuted her claims.

The sheriff’s office found probable cause to arrest Barberian and charge her for making the false accusation. Barberian remains at the Palm Beach County Jail on $3,000 bond.


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