By Tammie Toler Princeton Times

PRINCETON, W. Va. — Princeton Police Department is serving as a collection point for local citizens who wish to assist in North Carolina’s Hurricane Florence recovery.

Chief T.A. Gray announced this week that Lt. D.A. Weatherly will lead a recovery delivery of water and bleach to hard-hit portions of North Carolina, area next weekend, allowing southern West Virginia citizens the upcoming week to drop off donations of those two critical items, if they wish to help out.

“Those are the only two things the emergency services coordinators said they will accept, because that’s what they need for the clean-up,” Gray said.

He emphasized that they don’t want clothes, and they don’t want food, because there is currently no way to store or preserve either of those items.

The police chief asked that citizens please comply with North Carolina emergency officials’ requests and donate only gallons or cases of water and containers of bleach. He pledged that the police headquarters on Courthouse Road will have a trailer ready outside the main office and that officers will be on hand to help unload personal vehicles and place the emergency supplies into the trailer.

“If they come here and let us know they’re here, we’ll have somebody that can help unload for them,” Gray said this week.

Weatherly was working the PPD evening shift this week, but Gray said the supply assistance drive was being done at his suggestion and that the delivery would be completed under his supervision.

For more information, contact Princeton Police Department at 304-487-5000.

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