VirTra, Inc., a global provider of training simulators for the law enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets, and Force Science Institute today announced a four-part series of law enforcement training courses based on the research, science, and applications that Force Science has developed over the past 40 years.

Each course will explore Force Science, the application of unbiased scientific principles and processes in repetitive physical experiments designed to determine the true nature of suspect provocation and officer response (action-reaction dynamics). The goal of the program is to encourage law enforcement professionals to apply the important concepts revealed in this research when investigating, reconstructing, recalling or otherwise analyzing use of force.  The courses will run for two days and take place at various cities around the United States in 2018.

The schedule for classes and host agencies are as follows:

* Los Angeles Police Department | June 7-8 | Los Angeles, CA   

* St. Louis County Police Department | July 19-20 | St. Louis, MO  

* Dallas Police Department | August 23-24 | Dallas, TX  

* Orange County Sheriff’s Office | October 4-5 | Orlando, FL 

“Force Science courses are vital to the education of law enforcement officers,” said Jason Mulcahy, general manager at VirTra. “We have integrated Force Science research and training into our simulations as well as the newly developed training curriculum VirTra now offers our customers. We look forward to working closely with Force Science on future projects.”

Additionally, as part of the learning experience, participants have the opportunity to experience VirTra’s new Human Factors in Force Encounters training events in VirTra’s immersive V-300 training simulator, which is based on the science and teachings of Force Science.

VirTra’s newly developed Human Factors in Force Encounters curriculum program examines the science behind human performance under stress. The course includes a lesson plan, simulation exercises, course evaluation, testing and more.  The complete coursework and simulator events and scenarios will be on site for review by the students.

“Force Science Institute is impressed with the efforts that VirTra has made in trying to accurately capture the science behind some of our research on the speed and time dynamics and often rapidly unfolding nature of a possible assault.  These VirTra Human Factor scenarios take what we did in the lab setting and turned them into a demonstrative format that users can experience on their own.” said Scott Buhrmaster, Chief Operating Officer of Force Science Institute out of Chicago, IL.

The seating is limited. Register online now at VirTra’s Force Science Events page.



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