VIDEO: Video of Ohio Firefight Between Officers and Suspect Released

Green Township, OH, Police released several body camera and dash camera videos Wednesday showing an encounter with a suspect that ended in shots being fired, reports Fox 19.

In the videos, you can hear the gunshots and see an officer lying on the ground.

Brendan MacDonald, 51, was indicted by a grand jury on multiple counts of attempted murder and felonious assault. He’s accused of shooting at police officers and then holding them at bay for five hours on May 28.

According to court documents, MacDonald fired a round at his neighbor outside of his home. In a 911 call, a neighbor said MacDonald talked about “killing demons.”

“This was a very dangerous call for responding officers,” Chief Jim Vetter posted to social media. “The Green Township Officers and Hamilton County Sheriff Deputies that responded to this call should be commended for the courage and professionalism. They relied on their training and kept their composure in an extremely stressful situation.”


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