VIDEO: Trump Asks Police Chiefs, Sheriffs to Turn in the Bad Illegals

President Donald Trump addressed a national meeting of law enforcement officials Wednesday and directed them to “turn in” the illegal gang members in their areas to the Department of Homeland Security, reports NBC.

It was part of a speech that included Trump’s reaction to the oral arguments regarding his proposed travel ban on immigrants and refugees from seven countries.

The president also addressed the illegal drug trade that’s affecting so many local law enforcement agencies before turning his attention to undocumented immigrants.

“You know the illegals, you know them by their first name. You know them by their nicknames. You have that power,” Trump said.

“You’re in the neighborhoods. You know the bad ones. You know the good ones,” he said. “I want you to turn in the bad ones.”

“We’ll get them out of our country and bring them back where they came from.”

He suggested the local law enforcement officers call up the Department of Homeland Security and vowed that the agency will deport the undocumented immigrants “fast.”


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