Author: Mike Wood

By PoliceOne Staff

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police fatally shot a man armed with a pickaxe after he threw potted plants and bricks at officers, body cam footage shows.

On May 30, LAPD officers responded to a call about a stabbing at a home when they encountered 29-year-old Bryan Rodriguez, CBS Los Angeles reported. Police said a bleeding victim who was stabbed by Rodriguez was also inside the home, according to the LA Daily News.

Officers can be heard on video telling Bryan they will arrest him and will use a TASER or bean-bag gun if he doesn’t comply. After several minutes of talking to Rodriguez, officers move toward him and use a TASER, which was ineffective.

Rodriguez continued to ignore commands, prompting officers to use a TASER a second time, but Rodriguez still refused to follow orders. Officers fired several non-lethal bean bag rounds at him, which appeared to have little effect.

The suspect is then seen on video throwing a potted plant and a chair at officers before jumping on the roof of the home and then running into the backyard. Police said Rodriguez picked up bricks and a metal pickaxe while in the backyard.

Police used another less lethal weapon on Rodriguez before the man ran inside his home and re-emerged in the driveway holding the pickaxe. Police said Rodriguez moved toward them with the pickaxe raised above his head when an officer shot him once.

Authorities said Rodriguez, who has a long criminal history, died at the scene. Police took the stabbing victim to the hospital, where he was treated and released. Officers also recovered Rodriguez’s knife at the crime scene.

The LAPD said it’s still investigating the incident.

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