VIDEO: Omaha Officers Talk About Saving Man who Jumped Off Bridge

Two Omaha Police Officers who saved a man’s life met with WOWT 6 News after they jumped into action when a man leapt off the pedestrian bridge. Soon after the leap the man’s screams for help were answered.

Just moments earlier witnesses said they saw the man praying on the pedestrian bridge before he jumped into the frigid waters.

“I’m trying to catch up with him in the water. I can’t intercept him,” reported one officer who leapt into the river to help. The drowning man was being carried away too fast. The failed attempts only furthering his fears.

With the last of his energy the man gripped onto the branch as the two officers pulled him onto the shoreline saving his life.

The man was taken to the hospital with symptoms of hypothermia and for a mental evaluation.

The officers involved tell WOWT 6 News that this was not their first time responding to someone jumping from the pedestrian bridge.


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