VIDEO: Officers Say They Went Past Deputies into Parkland School During Shooting

When Coral Springs police officer Gil Monzon arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School minutes after a gunman unleashed a massacre that killed 17 people Feb. 14, he says he found two Broward County sheriff’s deputies in the parking lot.

He asked for the shooter’s location, and was told they didn’t know it, but he could see a body next to the freshman building at Stoneman Douglas and bullet marks in its third-floor windows, the Associated Press reports.

He said in reports released Monday that he and three other Coral Springs officers immediately went to the building, checked the body and then entered, where they immediately found a victim standing against a wall before falling to the floor.

The four pages written by three officers detail what they found when they arrived at the school, where another 17 people were wounded. They corroborate earlier reports that the first deputies at the scene failed to enter the building to confront the gunman and assist the wounded.

Officer Tim Burton, the first on-duty Coral Springs officer to arrive, grabbed his rifle and was directed toward the freshman building, where he found Deputy Scot Peterson, the school’s resource officer, taking cover behind a concrete column.


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