VIDEO: New Jersey Officer, Good Samaritan Save Two Women from Burning Car”

Body camera video shows an officer with the North Brunswick (NJ) Police Department cutting the seatbelt of a driver at a crash scene and then attempting to forcibly open the wrinkled car door to extract her and another female passenger.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday afternoon, according to

The officer was reportedly on patrol when he spotted the crash—smoke coming from the vehicle beside the road.

As the officer turned around and approached the crash scene he noticed several other drivers also pulling over.

As the front of the vehicle began bursting into flames, the officer—identified as Anthony Torres—and at least one ‘Good Samaritan’ became increasingly desperate, deciding to pull the driver through the shattered window.

The passenger had already exited the vehicle that way.

Captain Brian Hoiberg said that there is no doubt lives were saved by Torres and the good Samaritans who pulled over to assist.


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