VIDEO: GA Sheriff to Reduce Sentences of Inmates Who Helped Medically Distressed Deputy

Polk County, GA’s sheriff said he plans on knocking some time off from the sentences of the inmates who stepped in to help when a deputy went down in medical distress earlier this month.

The deputy, who asked not to be identified, said that when he woke up on the morning of June 12, he didn’t feel well.

It was 76 degrees outside, and the humidity was at 100 percent. He was on a work detail at a local cemetery with six inmates — men he knew well from working together seven hours a day, five days a week.

The deputy said he suffers from a chronic condition and believes the high humidity contributed to his collapse.

The six inmates came to the deputy’s aid. They opened his shirt and removed the deputy’s body so that they could perform CPR. One inmate grabbed the officer’s phone and dialed 911. 

Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats said he’ll take off about one-fourth of the inmates’ sentences, 11 Alive reports. 


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