VIDEO: Dashcam Footage Released of NC Officer’s December Shooting at Traffic Stop

Dashcam footage from the night a Leland (NC) Police Department officer was shot multiple times and fatally shot his attacker has been released.

On the night of Dec. 9, Officer Jacob Schwenk responded to 911 calls about a car driving erratically in Leland.

The graphic dashcam footage, recently released by the Leland Police Department, shows Schwenk pull over a white car just before 9 p.m. at the end of Bridgeport Way.

The driver of the white car, now identified as Brent Matthew Quinn, 42, pulled his car around a cul-de-sac to face Schwenk’s police vehicle.

The video shows Quinn exiting the car and firing upon the officer.

Schwenk falls to the ground off screen, but can be seen returning fire.

Investigators found that Quinn fired six shots at the officer, one hitting Schwenk’s bullet-proof vest, and the five others striking the officer in the legs.

Schwenk’s return fire struck Quinn six times — twice in the head — killing him.

The fatal shooting has been ruled justified by the Brunswick County District Attorney, the Wilmington Star-News reports.


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