VIDEO: Car Theft Suspect Dies in Jump, Fall from Los Angeles Port Crane

A suspected car thief has died after leading police on a chase through the Long Beach area ending with a standoff when the man climbed a crane at the Port of Los Angeles. The suspect died after jumping or falling off of the crane onto a container ship.

The man spent about three hours on the crane and eventually took all his clothes off around 8.p.m.

During the standoff, the man was seen walking around, waving, twitching and even doing calisthenics on the narrow ledge of the crane. A SWAT team eventually approached the man on the crane in the China Shipping Yard and tried to coax him down safely, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The vehicle was stolen from a dealership in San Bernardino. The pursuit, which started before 6 p.m., reached high speeds and got extremely dangerous. The driver nearly struck many vehicles and scraped the car along the shoulder of the 110 freeway in rush-hour traffic.


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