VIDEO: Arrested Ohio Woman Attacks Officer with OC Spray from Back of Patrol Vehicle

Video recorded in the back of a Columbus, OH, police cruiser shows a woman and a police officer spraying OC at each other Wednesday morning.

Video shows 26-year-old Quivonna Bonner handcuffed and without a shirt in the back of a Columbus police cruiser. The video shows her screaming, cursing and making obscene gestures.

According to court documents, Bonner repeatedly told officers she intended to “mace” them when they opened the cruiser door.

Bonner then managed to bring her handcuffed hands to the front of her body and get a can of mace she had hidden on her person, court documents said.

Bonner was charged with assault on a police officer.

According to court records, Bonner was originally arrested out of a disorderly conduct and drug possession case, NBC4 reports.


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