Verizon has evaluated their current contracts with all associations and will be implementing changes nationwide. Verizon has assured us that all public safety associations will be held to the same contract agreement. Despite our greatest efforts, the contract with Verizon will undergo a transformation.

Information received on October 5 indicates the changes will be implemented on November 15, however to grandfather the current plans and prices, any upgrade or plan changes will need to take place prior to October 30th.

What we know for sure:
We will maintain a 22% discount.
We will keep our 25% discount in corporate Verizon locations when purchasing accessories
Waived activation and restocking fees will continue
Early Termination Fees will not be charged on EXISTING lines of service prior to the date of the new contract.

Contract Changes:
2 year contract upon upgrade of device
All plans are grandfathered in UNTIL you upgrade THEN plan changes may be required based upon your willingness to pay for device costs etc.
Devices will take 2-3 business days to be delivered to the user.
Lines of services added to your account (brand new and those coming from consumer accounts) will be required to be on the new plans and will have early termination fees if you cancel within a contract period.

As a member of AZ Troopers, What should you do?
If you are eligible for an upgrade-DO SO NOW!
Make sure you are happy with the phone plan you are on now and if you want to make changes, do it prior October 30th.
If you are considering the option of a Hotspot on your device-DO IT NOW, after the changes this will be considered a “plan change” and you will be forced to change your entire plan.

The contract changes will take place November 15, so make any upgrades and/or plan changes prior to October 30.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the contract changes:

Q: Am I going to be grandfathered on the unlimited data?
A: Members will be grandfathered on current plan until the occurrence of any change on that line of service at which time the affected line must migrate to standard pricing: taking advantage of any promotion or offer, making a price plan change, purchasing Equipment at pricing other than full retail price, feature changes, and any other changes that requires individual line term extensions. The parties agree that if Customer upgrades a line of service to new Equipment and pays Verizon Wireless full retail price for the Equipment, or supplies its own device, that would not by itself be a reason to require that line of service to migrate to Verizon Wireless business pricing. Any new Lines of service activated under this Agreement must be on Verizon Wireless business pricing.

Q: What are my phones going to cost me?
A: We will continue to offer equipment discounts and promotions

Q: Will there be steeper sales/discounted phones because of the 2 year contract?
A: Members have been receiving 2 year equipment pricing and will continue to receive discounts based on current pricing and promotions

Q: Will we qualify for the buyback/trade-in program?
A: No, however, members can continue to use 3rd parties that buy back old phones

Q: When I upgrade my phone will there be activation fees?
A: No, fees such as upgrade, restocking and activation fees will continue to be waived

Q: Will there be early termination fees? If so, will they be pro-rated based upon the remaining time on the contract?
A: Lines of service on WSCA/NASPO Pricing are not subject to Early Termination Fees until they migrate off NASPO Pricing as discussed above in question 1

Q: Will I have to pay full retail for a device?
A: Not unless you choose to pay full price

Q: These sound like consumer plans, what is the difference? The point of a gov’t account would be the benefits that aren’t available to consumers.

Association Plan

Consumer Plan

22% Discount 15% discount for state employee
2 year contract 2 year contract
24 month upgrade 24 month upgrade
Equipment discounts Device installment
Early Termination fee applies Early Termination Fee applies
Upgrade fee waived $40 upgrade fee
Activation fee waived $40 Activation fee
Restocking fee waived $40 restocking fee
Credit Check not required Credit Check required
Free 2 day shipping Free 2 day shipping

Q: Will I be stuck on the Edge/Device Installment program?
A: No, device installments are not available at this time

The Verizon Plan AZ Assoc 22%

Small Business Plan AZ Assoc 22%



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