By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — Verizon announced that its public safety private core is now generally available.

Verizon launched its dedicated private core on March 29, 2018, according to a Verizon press release. The private core is the centerpiece of expanded products and services that are designed to enhance the company’s 4G LTE network for public safety.

The private core gives public safety customers several features including traffic segmentation, priority and preemption, improved security and enhanced service management and control. The public safety core separates data traffic of public safety mobile users from commercial users across the Verizon network.

Mobile Broadband Priority Service and Preemption are some of the key new and enhanced features public safety customers will receive. During heavy commercial network congestion, MBP users will have priority service for public safety officials using applications on smartphones or tablets, transmitting data from first responder vehicles or video from surveillance cameras.

Preemption allows Verizon to automatically allocate network resources from commercial data/Internet users to first responders in the event network capacity is reached.

“We continue to make the investments necessary to give public safety access to the best possible network coverage, reliability and capability, whenever they need it,” Michael Maiorana, senior vice president, public sector for Verizon said. “Our public safety network will provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for public safety, and we’ll continue working to ensure first responders get the network reliability and access to innovative services they need to keep our communities safe.”

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