Officer Nicki Stone of the Waco (TX) Police Department is fighting breast cancer. The 34-year-old single mother of two said it feels like the city she risks her life for has turned its back on her and her fellow officers trying to help in her darkest time of need, reports the Waco Tribune-Herald.

Waco, TX, city employees are allowed to accrue sick time over the years, and officers have offered to donate some of their sick time to Officer Stone while she is missing work after a double mastectomy and chemotherapy sessions.

But the city said no, citing a longstanding policy against such practices.

Some of the same officers also have offered to donate their sick time to a Waco police detective who has missed work because his 7-year-old daughter has cancer. The city also said no in that case.

But, Waco City Manager Dale Fisseler disagrees. The city did offer to grant the officers additional sick time, but only after they use up all other time off they earned, Fisseler said.


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