A Texas state trooper told Fox News he’s received thousands of death threats after a woman accused a different trooper — with the same last name — of sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop. That claim was refuted by video evidence.

The threats poured in after columnist and activist Shaun King brought attention to the accusations on Twitter, but before body cam video contradicted those allegations. King and civil rights attorney Lee Merritt identified the accused trooper as “Officer Hubbard” or “Hubbard” in their initial posts, without revealing his first name.

The trooper accused by the woman is named Daniel Hubbard. Now, the trooper with the same surname, Jarrod K. Hubbard, is fighting back.

Jarrod Hubbard, 37, who’s been with the force for 13 years, was placed under protection of the Texas Rangers on Monday, his father said. The Rangers did not immediately confirm it to Fox News.


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