The Rotary Club in Nogales honors a law enforcement officer from law enforcement agencies in the Nogales area every year.  This year, on June 9, Trooper David Diaz, badge number 10070, received the award.


Trooper Diaz Rotary Club Officer of the YearSgt. Stephen Kafton of District 8 in Tucson nominated Trooper Diaz to the Rotary Club. His nomination is below.

Trooper Diaz


Trooper Diaz has been a peace officer for less than two years but shows a level of dedication to public safety that rivals troopers and officers many years his senior.  He works tirelessly to improve his knowledge of police tactics and other special skills that help him keep our community safe.  His is committed to finding impaired and distracted drivers making everyone traveling in Santa Cruz County safer. He is ever vigilant to locate stolen vehicles and illegal contraband sending the message that crime is not acceptable here.  Also, he helps stranded motorists from Arizona and Mexico get back on the road and to their destinations safely.  His dedication to the citizens of Santa Cruz County and the State of Arizona reflect great credit upon himself and the Arizona State Police.





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