Author: TFB Staff

This article originally appeared on The Firearm Blog.

It’s been three years since TFBTV did a Top Concealed Carry Guns list, so it’s time to update the rankings. Many new guns designed specifically for concealed carry have been released in the past few years, and a number of popular concealed carry guns that existed three years ago have received minor upgrades while others some major overhauls. And because of the influx of excellent concealed carry choices flooding the market, James Reeves couldn’t pick just five like the last time – we’re going to pick *10* pistols this go-round. TFBTV is breaking this list into two videos. This is episode one, containing picks 10-6. What’s going to be on the list this year? Tune in and find out (you know a Glock is going to be on here, c’mon. It’s James).

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