The F.O.P. may not think it’s a big deal to steal the names and home addresses of all DPS employees, but we do.  AHPA values your privacy and knows that as law enforcement professionals, your home address and personal information should be protected – from any unofficial use.

The facts of this incident are undisputed: the F.O.P. used confidential Department records to mail Meet and Confer campaign materials directly to employee’s homes.  AHPA believes this was disrespectful to DPS employees and proves that the F.O.P. is an unprofessional organization that cannot be trusted to represent your interests in the Meet and Confer process.

The AHPA is respected by the Law Enforcement Community.

The AHPA has been endorsed by:

  • Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA)
  • Tucson Law Enforcement Association, Arizona
  • Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS)
  • Deputies Law Enforcement Association (DLEA)
  • Arizona Police Association (APA)

In their October newsletter the F.O.P said they had been endorsed by the National Latino Police Association (NLPOA), but that was not the case.  In fact, the President of the NLPOA just wrote the President of the F.O.P. Lodge 32, Lynn Ideus, advising him the NLPOA had not endorsed any organization    in the Meet and Confer election, and had never written the letter to Director Vanderpool that was quoted in their newsletter.  You can read the letter yourself at our website:

It is clear that the AHPA is the only organization that has the respect and support of the Arizona law enforcement community.

AHPA is the ONLY choice for DPS employees!

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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