Author: TFB Staff

By PoliceOne Staff

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A Texas officer alleges that officers in his department are being pressured to make arrests.

According to KOAI-TV, an officer with the San Antonio Park Police Department, who didn’t want to be identified, told the station that the department has arrest quotas.

“They’re telling me produce, or be shamed,” said the anonymous officer.

An email obtained by KOAI showed that one officer was praised for being the top producer of arrests in April with 25 arrests and 58 written reports. A second email obtained by the station mentions no arrest requirements, but it goes on to say “it will reflect poorly on those officers who are not producing, or producing considerably less than other officers on shift.”

“Law enforcement for competition is just ethically wrong,” said the anonymous officer. “We assumed it was some type of quota.”

A spokeswoman with the department said the agency doesn’t have quotas.

The second email also said officers “who report no, or very poor productivity, compared to the other officers on the shift may receive a coaching about the lack of productivity at the Sergeant’s discretion.”

“If you have one officer that made 20 police reports, and you have another officer that only wrote 2 police reports, it raises concern as a supervisor,” said Sgt. Michelle Ramos of the SAPD. “We can’t make an arrest happen. Like I said though, officers that go out every day, are expected to do their job.”

Ramos also told KOAI that production reports are also used to keep tab on the department’s officers, and other officers in the country.

“I would think it would encourage them to go out and do what they need to do,” said Sgt. Ramos. “Which in turn, is to ensure public safety.”

But the anonymous officer said the emails promote a different standard, calling it “wrong” and that “it need needs to stop.”

“If the city won’t stop it, then it’s up to the citizens to stop it. We’re not going to go out there and violate somebody’s right,” the officer said. “We’re not going to write it down, or take somebody to jail, just because you want a checkmark on that box this month.”

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