Author: NLEM Staff

By PoliceOne Staff

DALLAS — The governor of Texas unveiled his school safety plan, which includes increasing law enforcement presence, in wake of the deadly Santa Fe High School shooting.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced the plan Wednesday in Dallas, less than two weeks after the shooting that killed 10 people, CNN reports. The plans lists a number of recommendations, including increasing law enforcement presence and armed marshals in schools.

“When an active shooter situation arises, the difference between life and death can be a matter of seconds. Trained security personal can make all the difference,” Abbott said.

The 40-page list of recommendations, known as the governor’s School and Firearm Safety Action Plan, includes more than $120 million in funding from various sources for increased LE presence and training for armed marshals.

The governor also proposed “collaborative working agreements” betweens schools and law enforcement to include schools on regular patrol, allow officers to take breaks at schools and provide them with rooms where they could fill out police reports.

“My plan increases the number of school marshals by training more school marshals this summer at no cost to schools and by proposing increasing the number of school marshals per campus,” he said.

The proposal includes strategies for “hardening” schools buildings by reducing the number of entrances and exits and the installation of “active shooter alarm systems.” The alarm system would prevent students and staff from rushing out from the classroom into the path of the shooter.

The plan also recommended $20 million for expansion of mental health screening and services to help identify and remove students who pose “imminent threats of harm.”

Abbott said some of the changes could go in effect as early as the next school year.

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