Police say a suspect fired randomly from his car during a dramatic Baltimore police chase Friday, striking and wounding two people.  An officer also sustained a “significant leg injury” before police were able to stop the car and arrest the 30-year-old suspect.

“This could have been much, much worse,” Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis said at an afternoon press conference, CBS Baltimore reports.

Davis and police spokesman T.J. Smith say that before the chase, the suspect was being sought in a triple shooting Thursday night, in which one person died, and another non-fatal shooting last week.  An officer who recognized the suspect and the car he was driving pulled the vehicle over late Friday morning in northwest Baltimore. The suspect at first complied, but then opened fire, shooting at but not striking the officer, Davis said. The officer returned fire. No one was struck, and the suspect sped off, beginning the pursuit, Davis said.

As police pursed him, the suspect opened fire from his car apparently at random at people on the street, Davis said.


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