Incident Status: 
Incident Date: 
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 – 10:17pm
Department Report Number: 
Preliminary Information: 

On Wednesday, July 25, at 10:17 p.m., the Department’s Dispatch center (Operational Communications) received 911 reports of a male suspect throwing rocks at vehicles traveling eastbound along I-10 near Avondale Blvd.


Trooper Dalin Dorris responded to the scene and made contact with the suspect. Troopers Sean Rodecap and Tyler Edenhofer arrived shortly after. The three troopers attempted to take the suspect into custody. A fight ensued and continued for several minutes. Two Goodyear Police Officers arrived on scene and helped take the suspect into custody.


Sometime during the fight, the suspect gained control of one of our trooper’ s firearm and fired at least two shots at two of our troopers. One shot struck Trooper Dalin Dorris in the shoulder. Another shot struck Trooper Tyler Edenhofer, mortally wounding him. Trooper Sean Rodecap sustained injuries during the fight with the suspect.


Trooper’s Dorris and Rodecap were transported to a valley hospital where they were treated and released.


Trooper Tyler Edenhofer was hired by the Department in September of 2017; he graduated from the Advanced Trooper Academy on May 4, 2018. Edenhofer is also a U.S. Navy veteran.


Trooper Dorris was hired by the Department December of 2005.

Trooper Rodecap was hired by the Department May of 2008.


The male suspect is in custody and being treated at a valley hospital. No further information is being released about the suspect at this time.


Director Milstead said, “I’m incredibly proud of the men and women that show up every day to do this job and that they are brave enough to come out and face the unknown.”


The Department asks the media and public to refrain from attempting to make contact with our troopers, their families and other department employees in order to gain information and/or interviews regarding this tragic event. We are asking for time to mourn the loss of Trooper Tyler Edenhofer.



Fallen Officer Trooper Tyler Edenhofer:

Fallen Officer Trooper Tyler Edenhofer


Injured Trooper Rodecap:

Injured Trooper Rodecap


Injured Trooper Dorris:

Injured Trooper Dorris


Suspect Isaac D. King in custody:

Suspect Isaac D. King in custody.


Incident Location: 
14 – Metro West
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