The widow of a Pennsylvania police chief slain in 1980 is suing the wife of the FBI fugitive in the case, saying investigators recently found a hidden room in her Massachusetts home where the suspect may have hidden from authorities a decade or more after the shooting, the widow and her attorney said Friday, reports the Associated Press.

A writ of summons filed Thursday targets Lillian Webb and son Stanley Webb, both of North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The filing signals an intention to file a detailed complaint on behalf of Mary Ann Jones, 64, the widow of Saxonburg police Chief Greg Adams, and their two sons on grounds of wrongful death-murder and two civil conspiracy claims — accessory after the fact and hindering apprehension of a murderer.

The basis of the lawsuit is recent information the FBI has shared with the family about the manhunt for Donald Eugene Webb, attorney Thomas King III said. Jones, who remarried in 1989, said FBI agents told her that Webb may have hidden out in the home in short stints in the 1990s.

The family’s lawsuit seeks more than $1 million, but King said, “The damage done to this family can never be compensated for. Two little boys grew up without their father and a wife had to go to bed every night and wake up without her husband.”


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