The September 2009 Board of Directors & AHPA Charities Meeting was called to order at 0900 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve & Conference center located at 1431 East Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona.  President Chavez began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President                         Jimmy Chavez

Executive Officer &

Asst. Treasurer                   Pat Eagan

D-1 (Proxy)                       Rebecca Smith

D-2 & Northern Vice

President                         Mark Haughey

D-3 & Recording Secretary         Jim Bee

D-4                               Ed Simpson

D-5                               Tim Kvochick

D-7                               Raul Garcia Jr

D-8                               Kevin McNichols

D-9                               Chris Lentz

D-11                              Bert Cheney

D-12 (Proxy)                      Mark Haughey

D-13 (Metro East)                 Bill Rogers

D-14 (Metro West)                 Tim Kvochick

D-15                              Matt Rosemeyer

D-16                              John Smith

Northern & Western Air Rescue     Mike Strohmeyer

Executive Vice President

& OCI (Proxy)                     Dave Schroder

OCN II                            Jim Oien

Civilian Northern Zone            Rebecca Smith

Civilian Central Zone I

& Crime Lab                       Mike Sloneker

Civilian Zone II                  Vickie Williams

Civilian Zone III                 Vickie Williams

Civilian Southern Zone &          Celina Murrieta-Gonzales

Southern Vice President

Retired Civilian (Proxy)          Vickie Williams

Retired Central Zone (Proxy)      J.R. Ham

Retired Southern Zone             J.R. Ham

Treasurer                         Dave Schroder


Executive Secretary               Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel                     Greg Robinson

Lobbyist                          G. Michael Williams

Media Consultant                  Stacey Dillon

Legal Services                    Dale Norris

Financial Advisor                 Thomas Jonovich

Jeffrey Munster

Page 3


Andy Miller

Greg Girard

Richard Wall

Jim Phillips

Bert Zambonini


Chief Jack Lane

Deputy Director Pennie Gillette-Stroud

Paul Dinerman


Flowers – Roger Boddy

Jan & Dennis Isaacson

Hector Carpio

Thank You Letters – Flagstaff CASA


Kyle N. Creager, Badge #6657


Darcy L. Foulois, Badge #5386


Cheryl J. Holliday #2407


Sworn: George R. Jones #7064

Civilian: None




Commander Dean Nyhart, Badge 2597 had back surgery


Retiree Roger Boddy, Badge 1198 passed away on September 6th.

Retiree Hector Carpio, Badge 3408 passed away on September 12th.

The daughter of retireeRetiree Ric Miller, Badge 744 daughter passed away on September 16th.


This year 84 Police Officers have died in the line of duty. Nine Officers have died since the last meeting:

Five were killed by gunfire (1 accidental)

Page 4

Two were killed in vehicle collisions.

One was killed in a vehicle assault.

One was killed by a struck vehicle.

Six were from Municipal Agencies

Three were from County Agencies

All nine were male

  • 1) Corporal Mike Roberts

Tampa P.D., Florida

Age 38     Years of Service – 11

Killed Wednesday, August 19, 2009


  • 2) Police Officer Jesse Hamilton

Pasadena P.D., Texas

Age 29   Years of Service – 4

Killed Friday, August 21, 2009


  • 3) Police Officer Michael Davey

Weymouth P.D., Massachusetts

Age 34     Years of Service – 5

Killed Monday, August 24, 2009

Struck by Vehicle

4) Deputy Sheriff Christopher Johnson

Platte County Sheriff’s Office, Nebraska

Age 34    Years of Service – 3

Killed Saturday, August 29, 2009

Automobile Collision

5) Deputy Sheriff Christopher Ray

Southamption County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Age 22   Years of Service – 3 months

Killed Saturday, August 29, 2009

Automobile Collision

6) Patrolman Chad Spicer

Georgetown P.D., Delaware

Age 29   Years of Service – 4

Killed Tuesday, September 1, 2009


7) Police Officer Richard Crittenden

North St. Paul P.D., Minnesota

Age 57   Years of Service – 13

Killed Monday, September 7, 2009


Page 5

8) Detention Sergeant Ronnie Brown

Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Age 48   Years of Service – 20

Killed Tuesday, September 8, 2009


9) Patrolman Jerry Jones

Charleston P.D., West Virginia

Age 27   Years of Service – 3

Killed Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gunfire (Accidental)

For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])



Motion was made by Dave Schroder, seconded by Vicki Williams to accept the consent agenda.  Motion carried


Chief Lane addressed the Board on several topics:

  • 1) Department Budget
  • 2) Other State Agencies
  • a) Michigan State Patrol has laid off 100 State Officers,

Looking at another 200 Officers in October.

  • b) Pennsylvania did not have payroll to pay their State employees for two weeks.
  • c) Virginia laid off 105 civilian employees, looking at laying off Officers.

3) Governor Brewer has asked the Department to submit

a plan for a possible 10% cut in our budget and another

second plan for a possible 20% cut. A 10% cut in our budget

would be approximately $34 million and a 20% cut would be

$46 million.

4) Shotguns – Chief Lane responded that a presentation to the

Executive Staff is pending.  However he has heard from

numerous troops asking to keep their shotguns.  Chief Lane

stated that his recommendation to the Director will be to

keep shotguns as another tool available to the troops.

  • 4) State Fair – Chief Lane stated that Department Officers

will be used by the 3rd party vendor as first choice.  If

the positions can not be filled by DPS, other State

Agencies would be used (Capital Police, Game & Fish).

  • 5) Chevrolet Impala’s – Department bought approximately 20

vehicles, have not placed any on the street yet for


  • 6) Promotions – Chief Lane advised that on Monday September

21st, Executive Staff per each Division is having a meeting

to discuss every vacancy and will have a priority list.

Page 6

Chief Lane advised that there were 3 Sgt’s promoted to

Lt to fill the Lt. positions in Metro.

GUEST SPEAKER – Deputy Director Pennie Gillette-Stroud

Deputy Director Gillette-Stroud addressed the Board on several topics:

  • 1) Governor has told Director Vanderpool that furloughs are out, Reduction-in-Force (RIF) are to be used if needed.
  • 2) CORP (Corrections Officer Retirement Program) was enacted but with a small window to be used by our employees. Current Dispatchers can join CORP but dispatchers hired after October would not be able to join.
  • 3) Any off-duty pay will not be going towards retirement PSPRS.
  • 4) Off duty work will be conducted by active officers, all reserve officers will be placed on a secondary list.
  • 5) The open enrollment for insurance we just when thru, the cost for retirees rose approximately $300.00.
  • 6) Department is working with ADOT on off duty work.
  • 7) New policy on employee involved collisions. If the employee is at fault, a citation will be issued.
  • 8) Deputy Director Gillette-Stroud presented to the Board from Director Vanderpool asking for our endorsement for a second term. Director Vanderpool stated he wanted the Board to consider several points:
  • a) He knows that time are tough, but look at where the Department was when he was hired and where the Department is now.
  • b) He has tried every year to obtain pay raises for all employees. However, he stated that civilian pay has not been done.
  • c) He asked does the Department want to change the top leadership after going thru this last budget year, and the outlook for next year is even worse.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Thomas Jonovich & Jeff Munster

Our investments are about the same as last months report.  Dollar is going down, which is helping the overseas markets.  Interest rates are holding steady.  The prediction is a slow steady climb back to where we were before the financial problems started.


General Checking:                $  191,422.92

Savings:                         $   56,850.52

Merchandise:                     $   12,038.78

Bass:                            $    1,780.58

Rodeo:                           $   15,056.82

Golf:                            $   23,191.86

Raffle:                          $   50,395.26

Charities:                       $    4,136.60

Page 7

PAC                              $   21,057.60

Heber – AHPA Cabin               $    3,391.94

Merrill Lynch                    $  387,555.00

Monument Account                 $   13,805.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(Remaining)     $   16,467.24

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00


July 2009                               313.00

August                                1,200.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

January                                   0.00

February                                  0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $ 3,487.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00


July 2009                                 0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

January                                   0.00

February                                  0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $ 4,000.00


Motorist Assist Driver William Hill, badge #6281 found $20.00 stuffed in his jack after assisting with a disabled motorist.

$25.00 from Louise Laughlin on behalf of Officer Joe Frost, badge #7278 who changed a flat tire on her vehicle during the rain.

$100.00 from D.L. Pine for fallen Officer’s Memorial fund in memory of Tom Mildebrandt.

Page 8


Ms. Dillion addressed the Board on her activities:

  • 1) On September 15, she conducted media training for Board members.
  • 2) Looking at a Crime Lab story
  • 3) Would like to hear from anyone about having to work a 2nd job due to the budget (lack of OT). This would include having your spouse going to work.
  • 4) Has received a lot of feedback on the animal rescue story from D-3.
  • 5) On the Move-Over video, would like to hear where an Officer had to take evasive action (jumping out of the way) before being hit by a passing vehicle.

RAFFLE REPORT: Colleen Girard

Colleen reported that 1501 tickets have been sold this far for this year’s raffle.  Still have a couple of months before the drawing.


Mr. Williams reported to the Board on several bills he would like to work on for next year’s session:

  • 1) Have the equipment fund re-established
  • 2) Photo-enforcement money going to the Department.
  • 3) Officer Road-side Memorials staying at the sites. ADOT would like to move them to rest areas and off the highway locations.


President Chavez reported that Andy Swann has a bill almost completed in writing.  Bill will be presented at the next month’s meeting.


Mr. Norris addressed the Board on five issues:

  • 1) Member Activities
  • a) 4 consultations
  • b) 4 wills
  • c) 1 criminal investigation
  • d) 1 grievances
  • e) 2 hearings
  • f) 2 consultations with referrals given
  • g) 2 Public Records requests, 1 being a AZPOST issue
  • h) 1 Provided assistance in a request for LEMSC rule change.
  • i) Request to extend promotional list
  • 2) Association Activities
  • a) Prepared Fair Representation Policy
  • b) Upcoming Member representation training for Board members.
  • 3) Travel Appointments

Page 9

a)  Taking appointments for Tucson

October 12-13.

  • b) Plans for Yuma trip January 11-12, 2010

  • 4) Legal Defense Fund Panel Attorneys
  • a) Have meeting with 3 attorneys in Flagstaff on October 7.
  • b) Still looking for attorney’s in Western & Eastern Arizona.


Dave Schroder briefed the Board on the Forest Lakes property.  Lot 48 is the 1 acre property that we have listed to sell.  Lot 46 is the 3.1 acres where the cabin and Association house is built on.  This acreage is listed as commercial property.  In order to split this property to sell, we would have to re-zone from commercial to residential.  Also would have to have the acreage surveyed & a plot map completed.  Cost of doing this is approximately $2,500.00.  Research conducted by Dave indicates no restriction when the property was given to the Association on the conditions of selling.  Motion made by Bert Cheney, seconded by Mark Haughey to have the property re-zoned and survey/plot map done.  Motion carried

Dave Schroder advised the Board that he has taken 30 ring orders.  The jeweler has 16 rings and is completing the rings.  Dave is hoping to have these 16 rings to present to the members, who he will contact to be at the October meeting.

President Chavez briefed the Board on the Harrolle memorial marker.  The U.S. Forest Service is fighting the placement of the marker at the trailhead due to the size of the marker.  President Chavez has been in contact with Senator John McCain’s office that supports the placement of the marker we want to have at the site.  Senator McCain advised he will be working with the Forest Service on this marker placement.


Dave Schroder made a motion on behalf of Dan Palmer for the Hostage negotiators seminator asked for $150.00 for refreshments.  Motion seconded by Becky Smith.  Motion carried

Frank Shankwitz, on behalf of the Arizona Make-a-Wish foundation wrote a letter advising that they had selected Evan Johnson as their choice for his wish, which was to ride a train to Alaska.


Page 10


Next meeting will be held on October 21, 2009 at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve &  Reception Center located at 1431 East Dunlap.  Meeting will start at 0900 hours

Article written by/or information provided by Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

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