Author: Tim Dees

Most law enforcement officers are aware of the sacrifice made by Deputy Kyle Dinkheller in 1998, when he was murdered during a traffic stop of a Vietnam combat veteran suffering from bipolar disorder and PTSD. The dashcam video from the incident, painful as it is to watch, has been shown in hundreds of police academies and officer survival training sessions.

Patrick Shaver has directed and produced a documentary of the Dinkheller case, titled, simply, “Dinkheller.” Shaver previously produced another movie on police shootings, “Officer Involved.” Both have been shown at law enforcement conferences, including the most recent ILEETA conference, and have been very well-received. “Dinkheller” has been shown at several film festivals, but because of its limited interest to wider audiences, it will probably not see a commercial release.

Shaver is taking “Dinkheller” around the country for one-time showings, mostly sponsored by local law enforcement organizations such as police officer associations and FOP lodges. There is a list of scheduled showings on the “Dinkheller” website.

In addition, Shaver is looking for additional venues to show the film. The Dinkheller website also includes a “Contact Us” page where interested persons or groups can start the process to arrange a screening in their community.

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