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ABERDEENSHIRE, Scotland — Police in Scotland had an hour-long standoff with a “tiger” that turned out to be a stuffed animal.

The Scottish Sun reports that Bruce Grubb, 24, reported seeing a fearsome tiger on the loose on his farm on Saturday. Officers stayed in their vehicles during the ensuing standoff as they tried to figure out the best way to move on the animal.

But when the tiger never moved, Grubb became suspicious.Grubb cautiously approached the beast and realized it was a stuffed animal.

“I had absolutely no doubt it was real — I got a hell of a scare. I was worried it was going to eat all my cows before police managed to shoot it,” Grubb said.

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Posted by UK Cop Humour on Monday, February 5, 2018

Grubb said he was at a housewarming party when he left his guests to check on his cows and spotted the menacing creature. He added that the first officer to respond was just as convinced as he was that it was a real tiger.

Six police cars, including an armed response team, arrived at the scene. Police also contacted local wildlife parks to see if any animals had escaped.

After the revelation, Grubb said police took the stuffed animal with them “to keep it as a mascot.”

Inspector George Cordiner said while the initial call may have been unusual, any call reporting a potential danger to the public has to be taken seriously and efforts were made to verify the sighting as soon as possible.”

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