SceneDoc Inc., a global law enforcement and public safety software provider, today announced the completion of a round of financing co-led by Responder Ventures (Palm Beach, FL), Motorola Solutions Venture Capital (Schaumburg, Illinois) and iGan Partners (Toronto, Ontario).

SceneDoc is a public safety tool for mobile data collection. SceneDoc Collect, the overarching platform, provides public safety professionals with an ability to securely collect eNotes, eForms, create sketches and reports, and capture audio, video, and photos.

The company says SceneDoc is saving law enforcement officers 50% of the time they spend on administrative functions, resulting in less time reporting and more time keeping the communities they serve safe. SceneDoc recently released an autonomous module for eCitations, building on a mission to becoming the de facto standard in how data is being collected in public safety. 

The company will use the funding to expand its sales and marketing efforts, bring its mobile data collection platform to new global markets, and accelerate product development. 

“The evolution for core police operations to be augmented with a smartphone or tablet device is imminent and we are going to see rapid growth in the public safety mobile application ecosystem attributable to advances with FirstNet. Our ongoing strategy to becoming the leading solution in public safety data collection remains clear,” said Alex Kottoor, co-founder and CEO.

“SceneDoc is driving innovation in efficiency and accuracy vital to addressing pressing challenges facing law enforcement agencies today,” said Nathanial Wish, founder of Responder Ventures. “Our mission at Responder Ventures is to identify the leading solutions for public safety’s most challenging problems. Our investment in SceneDoc reflects a strong belief the Company has addressed several key issues within law enforcement including mobility in evidence collection and efficiency in reporting. As both a leading solution and early entrant in to a fast-growing space, SceneDoc has the opportunity to drive impact through modernization for law enforcement.”


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