SB1609 passed out of House Rules Committee with a 4-2 vote (Reps. Weiers and Campbell voting “no”).  It will now continue through the process, going to Caucus then to Committee of the Whole.  At this point, the public safety proposal has not been accepted.  Kelsey Lundy and I will be meeting with members throughout the week in an effort to convince them to vote “no” on the bill if and when it gets to the floor. In addition to our meetings, I have sent an email to each member of the House asking them to support us by voting “no” on the bill.   Now is the time for everyone to contact their legislative member and ask them to vote against the bill.  Go to to locate your legislator.  Time is of the essence and everyone needs to be involved.

With regards to the budget bill, I have yet to receive a response on my request to the Governor to veto the provisions altering the employee contribution rates for ASRS members.

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