By PoliceOne Staff

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco police may be changing the way suspects are detained, according to KTVU Fox 2.

Police Chief Bill Scott says he’s drafting a new policy that tells officers to avoid ordering suspects to sit on the ground.

The draft would not only order officers to avoid “seating any handcuffed or unhandcuffed detained subject on the ground,” but also to “document, in an incident report, anytime it is necessary to seat an individual on the ground.”

Scott believes the new rule will help make a better police department in terms of how they engage with the public.

The San Francisco Police Officers Association says the proposal could jeopardize officer Some worry suspects might run away or attack people more easily if they’re not compelled to sit.

A cease and desist letter was sent to Scott from the police union’s attorney after the union learned of the proposal, but Scott still believes the policy change – which he stresses is still in draft form – wouldn’t impact officers’ safety.

“Nowhere in that draft does it say you shall not. What it does say is be able to explain it and document your actions,” said Scott. “The circumstances have to dictate what the officer’s actions are and if you have to do that, do it. But do it with respect and be able to explain it.”

Scott has sent a letter to the POA and the union confirmed they are working with him to set up a meeting in upcoming weeks.

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