By PoliceOne Staff

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A rookie North Carolina officer turned a boy’s bad day into a special one.

WLOS reports that Officer Maxwell Pryer, who’s been on the job for three weeks, was investigating a report of a boy’s stolen bike.When the officer couldn’t find it, he took matters into his own hands.

Pryer said when the child’s mother told him all her son likes to do is ride his bike all day, it “resonated” with him.

Pryer bought a new bike for the child with his own money. The Asheville PD posted a picture of the officer giving the boy his new bike, saying Pryer turned the boy’s bad day “into a great one.”

The officer said fostering relationships with the community was one of the reasons he became a police officer.

“Before this, I was in the Army and one of my jobs was fostering relationships with the Afghan locals. And I had success doing that, and part of the reason I wanted to become a cop was to help take some of those lessons I learned overseas and apply them here in the states, because nothing’s more important than a strong relationship between the community and the police,” Pryer said.

Yesterday Officer Pryer took a report of a boys bicycle being stolen. He wasn’t able to locate the stolen bike, so he purchased a new one and brought it to the young man, turning a bad day into a great one! #police #community #Asheville

— Asheville Police (@AshevillePolice) March 27, 2018

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