The Arizona Department of Public Safety accepts tips from the public of all kinds in order to help us achieve our mission –  

To protect human life and property by enforcing state laws, deterring criminal activity, ensuring highway and public safety, and providing vital scientific, technical, and operational support to other criminal justice agencies. 


If you have a tip or would like to report a crime, please select the category below that best descibes the tip / crime you would like to submit:

  • WANTED Fugitives
    • Individuals with outstanding warrants.
  • Gang Activity, Immigration, Fraudulent ID’s
    • Fraudulent idetification, ID theft,
    • Gang activity, violence, and crimes.
    • Immigration crimes, activity, or drop houses.
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  • Terrorism
    • Known possible events / locations of terrorism.
    • Suspicious individuals or groups relating to terrorism.
    • Suspicious activities, items, or packages relating to terrorism.
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  • General / Other    
    • If you have any other tips that may be beneficial and your tip does not apply to one of the categories above, please use this option.
  • Silent Witness
    • Silent Witness is a non-profit Metro Phoenix program designed to provide you with an anonymous means of providing police with information on non-drug felony crimes you have witnessed or may have knowledge of.  Please follow the above Silent Witness link for additional information.
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