Thursday, April 13, 2017 – 4pm
– For Immediate Release –

The Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA) is a multi-agency police academy that trains recruits for numerous law enforcement agencies throughout metro Phoenix and around the state. ALEA is overseen by a management team consisting of: the Director of DPS, the Director of the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AzPOST) and the Chief of Police for the Phoenix Police Department.


Recently, the department received a media inquiry regarding DPS cadet conduct at ALEA. In February 2017, DPS began an all-DPS trooper class (Class 500) with 52 cadets at ALEA. Of the 52 cadets that started class 500, 41 remain. Last week, the staff at ALEA became aware of inconsistencies in the reporting of course critiques, which includes evaluations of the instructors. ALEA staff made an inquiry into the inconsistencies observed and determined a majority of the cadets of Class 500 were involved. An investigation into the matter was started immediately. At the conclusion, DPS received a briefing from ALEA staff that the cadets were not reporting course critiques as instructed by staff. These findings have been briefed to each of the ALEA management team members and they unanimously concurred with the recommendations of ALEA command. The class will be redirected in the proper completion of course critiques and academy staff will use this opportunity to continue to transition these cadets into state troopers.


DPS considers this matter closed – the department is committed to ensuring integrity in the DPS cadet process.

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