By PoliceOne Staff

PORTLAND – Police want to hire a civilian to serve as a liaison between police and the homeless.

According to The Oregonian, Portland police are looking for someone who can develop a plan to guide police responses to the homeless community and help the training division instruct officers on the best way to communicate, police and provide service to people living on the streets.

The minimum qualifications for the position include knowledge of existing social services available for the homeless, knowledge of the homeless community and an ability to build relationships between community leaders, social service groups and law enforcement agencies, and an understanding of basic police procedures.

“This person will influence how the Police Bureau responds to people in the homeless community and ensure the Police Bureau is in line with best contemporary policing practices,’’ Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw says.

A local group presented a petition with more than 4,000 signatures to the Portland City Council last fall to take steps into helping homeless people from the criminal justice system. Concerns grew from an Oregonian/OregonLive report that found that 52 percent of all Portland arrests in 2017 were of homeless people for low-level and non-violent offenses.

The position will be for a civilian who won’t respond to police calls but focusing on training and educating officers about community resources and services.

The salary will range from $53,280 to $98,796, according to the job posting.

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