The NYPD’s largest police officer union has reached a $1.88 billion tentative deal with the de Blasio administration that increases the average rank-and-file officer’s salary by 11.73 percent and requires all patrol cops to wear body cameras by 2019.

The average member of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association will get $12,235 in retroactive pay under the deal, which covers 2012 through July 31, 2017, de Blasio’s labor negotiators said Tuesday.

By the end of the contract, the average officer’s salary will rise from $63,580 to $73,874, before overtime. That does not include a 2.25 percent bump starting March 15, a bonus the administration said is being given because the city is requiring officers to perform so-called neighborhood policing, Newsday reports.

The higher salary will be offset by lower salaries for newly hired officers, the officials said.

The city is under orders from a federal court to undertake a pilot program to outfit officers with cameras. Under an understanding with the union, de Blasio said, rules such as when an officer must keep the camera on and how footage will be stored is to be hammered out later.



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