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By Lisa Gutierrez The Kansas City Star

CAPE MAY, N.J. — For dog lovers, this might be one of the most “arresting” stories of the year.

A pug met police in Cape May, New Jersey, over the weekend and wound up behind bars — and with a pug shot.

Here’s how it happened.

The pug, named Bean, escaped from a Cape May home Sunday, according to

Police said Bean was “collared” sneaking through yards along New Jersey Avenue in the afternoon.

When patrolman Michael LeSage found the scofflaw, he tried to get her to jump into the backseat.

But, uh, pugs are short on leg, “so I had to lift her up,” LeSage told

Away they went to the cop shop where Bean’s new human friends with badges had some fun with her, as evidenced by the police department’s Facebook page.

First they took her “pug shot” and posted it on Facebook as a warning to all other canine runaways.

“This is what happens when you run away from home,” the police wrote with a wag of the finger.

Then, they put Bean – Prisoner No. 071 – in an actual cell, where she wore a look that said “I promise not to potty on the floor anymore.”

She was in custody only a couple of hours before one of Bean’s neighbors saw her on Facebook and alerted her owner, according to

“Update — the pug’s owner has been located and he has been released on bail,” police posted upon her release, obviously before they knew Bean was a “she.”

The tale ended with Bean’s owner posting her bail — thankfully not in doggie treats.

“Apparently Bean, the Pug, paid her bail in cookies!” the police department posted.

Authorities did not disclose whether they took Bean’s paw prints while she was in custody.

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