The United States Federal Court in the southern district of Florida has denied a motion for class certification of a lawsuit that was filed against Point Blank Enterprises, Inc., and has dismissed the case. In the case (OSTA, et al. v. Point Blank Enterprises, Inc., 0:17-cv-62051-UU, S.D. Fla.), a few individual Ohio police officers and two law enforcement associations alleged that a nationwide class should be certified to pursue claims that Point Blank’s Self-Suspending Ballistic System (SSBS) for shoulder straps used on ballistic vests was defective.

The plaintiffs in the case did not claim that any wearer had been injured because of the suspension system, and did not allege any deficiency with the bullet-stopping capabilities of the vests.  Instead, the plaintiffs’ lawyers alleged a defect in the “hook and loop” closure portion of the SSBS when a wearer used the system in a certain way, allegedly causing the shoulder straps to wear out prematurely.

The denial of the class motion, and the associated dismissal of the claims asserted by the plaintiffs, enables Point Blank to continue to design, manufacture, and sell its body armor utilizing the SSBS, the company says.

Point Blank has provided millions of vests to the U.S. military and U.S. law enforcement and no officer has been injured as a result of the manufacturing and/or design defect the plaintiffs allege, and in fact many officers’ lives have been saved, Point Blank says. More than 100 law enforcement officers’ lives have been saved since 2012 as a result of wearing Point Blank body armor. Point Blank says it makes the most popular body armor worn by American officers.

Point Blank EVP Hoyt Schmidt states, “We have been committed to the law enforcement community for more than 45 years, offering vast experience and expertise in saving and protecting the lives of law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and first responders. Point Blank provides high-performance and quality body armor products in many different models and styles. The ruling reaffirms Point Blank’s position that the SSBS is a safe shoulder strapping system for its ballistic vests, and underscores just one more reason why Point Blank body armor is preferred by the majority of law enforcement users. We stand behind the performance, the durability and the safety of those products, and we appreciate and value our end-users as they protect and defend the United States and our communities. Point Blank is committed to customer service, and has a process in place for reviewing customer complaints and warranty claims regarding Point Blank products and working directly with its customers to resolve any issues in a timely manner. We appreciate your continued support of Point Blank products and remain dedicated to customer satisfaction.”


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