Author: Mike Wood

Calling all police poets! PoliceOne’s poetry column highlights some of the inspirational, moving and funny poems authored by our readers.

Law enforcement is a family matter for Darlene Sorensen, whose son, Luke, is a police officer in Arkansas and whose husband is a former police officer now pastor. She wrote this poem for her son and wanted to share as a source of encouragement for all officers.

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The Shield and the Call

You do not even know us,

Yet to our aid you run.

We call a simple number

and instantly you come.

Your heart like ours beats its primal call

Preserve this life, keep it safe,

Yet still you come when needed most

To help us in this desperate place.

You may never understand this side

of all the good you’ve done,

But God is keeping record

Yes, that high and Holy one!

He knows your heart is burdened

With all the weight you bear.

He too is ever ready

To hear and answer prayer.

We forever will be grateful

You have answered this noble call

To be there to help your fellow man

No matter what life befalls.

That thin blue line you walk on earth

Gives us hope with each new day

That in our deepest, darkest hour

There will be heroes on the way!

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